DLC Quest Review [Trendy Gamers]

Trendy Gamers: Now this is why the Xbox Live Indie Games section exists. DLC Quest is such a great gaming experience that it not only is the best game in the XBLIG section but it is also one of the best downloadable games on the Xbox 360. Also, it’s only $1.

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Relientk774106d ago

That game looks like fun

TrendyGamers4106d ago

It really is. You owe it to yourself to play it!

da_2pacalypse4103d ago

Yup, picked this up a few nights ago. It's awesome

TrendyGamers4103d ago

What was your favorite part?

maniacmayhem4106d ago

Will definitely be picking this up.

TrendyGamers4106d ago

Let me know what you think about it!