GTA V - The good and the Ugly

Grand Theft Auto V has finally been officially announced. Even with all the good stuff you expect from the game, there is just some bad aspects we are concerned about. Can Rockstar surprise the community again?

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xxxAnubisxxx2751d ago

GTA is overrated.... sorry, but it's true.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing what Saints Row The Third looks like here in a week or so. The trailers are hilarious!

brown0092751d ago

I've got to agree. GTA just doesn't do it for me. I like running from cops in the GTA series, but that's about it. I think NFS has it down on the speedy chases though.

Starbucks_Fan2750d ago

Do you have ball cancer or something?! This look great!

ECM0NEY2750d ago

All though Istill love every GTA, I cant wait for SR the Third. I have it preordered on Steam.

The over the top action and ridiculousness should be refreshing after playing GTAIV, which I still loved.

I think its great we get to have a closer to reality game with GTA and the crazyness of SR.

DBLDeathDealer2750d ago

I have always loved the GTA series and I expect this one to be good as well. I am just a bit concerned on how the story will pan out. I am sure Rockstar will not let me down. They have been an amazing developer thus far.

SR is very comical. I expect it will do well. Not sure how long people will play it. Seems like the same moves over and over again in the videos. Again, don't want to make assumptions as I am sure it will be a great time.

JLesinski2751d ago

I think this will be the reincarnation of the series. Rockstar has produced two winners with Red Dead Redemption and LA Noire and the great aspects of those games will get folded into GTA

PrisonedBeast2750d ago

Well lets see what Rockstar does with this one. I wonder if the PC will get any love with this title.

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MeatAbstract2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

In the article, a paragraph started with "To be successful, GTA V has to..." doesn't have to do anything. This game was a success the second they showed a picture of the GTA V logo.

No morality - good or bad system. They never really work in games and don't add depth to it.

"A true story that is immersive to the player and adds a bit of reality. Pull gamers into the story without making it unbelievable" - You're forgetting this is a game. A story doesn't need to be believable to be good. Besides, this is a game where you can steal any car, drive around throwing grenades out the window and kill a seemingly endless supply of police officers.

To answer the final question of the article 'what does GTA V need to be successful?' Personally I think everything IV had and then build upon - which R* will. What goes around comes around. Look at GTA III then Vice City then San Andreas. Each game piled more stuff in and it seemed they started the process again with IV so logically V will just add more things to do around the city. The writing has always been wonderful and the stories enjoyable, just build on what IV gave us.

DBLDeathDealer2750d ago

Good points MeatAbstract. Thanks for replying.


Very well said. could not agree more.