1UP gives 5 tips for developers to improve games and review scores

1UP's Scott Sharkey writes:

"Developers, we wouldn't want to switch places with you for a second (well, Luke and Che did, but that's because they got paid lots of money to post on message boards), but we feel it's time to give you some necessary pointers. We don't like complaining about this stuff any more than you like hearing us bitch. It's heartbreaking for everyone involved when an otherwise great game stumbles over the same easily avoidable crap. If you ever see us dock points from your score for one of these, don't say we didn't warn you."

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Relcom3979d ago

but they are all senseable enough.

Maestro3979d ago

Reviewers have to improve their rating system. How the hell Lair has an average of 54/100 when this is a 20/100 game?

Ogrekiller3979d ago

They forgot money and women.


greenenvy3979d ago

so why would I care what tips u give to improve games, if you dont even like the same games other do??

get a life you has been *****S, there's nothin' signed in stone!!!!

I like the games that i like and forget your crappy reviews or opinions, I'll enjoy every game that pulls me in.

lair was the only ****** game on your list that you actually got correct for me........

JOLLY13979d ago

Someone is a little Ho-stile. Why do you get so worked up over another person's opinion? 1up actually tries to do a good job, and try to be fair. the problem is opinions are hard to be fair with.

Kulupoo3979d ago

anyone up for making 5 tips on how to make a better review site?

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The story is too old to be commented.