Awesome Reviews: Uncharted 3

Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'Uncharted 3 is more than just a video game. Uncharted 3 is a title worthy of the moniker – ‘interactive cinema’. Countless mesmerising moments of breath-taking action, an unpredictable emotional roller coaster of a story and stunning graphics all combine to provide one of the most fantastic gaming experiences available; ever.'

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Relientk772564d ago

Awesome Games reviews an awesome game

Dante1122564d ago

Word. UC3 is doing pretty good.

jp_footy22564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Uncharted 3 is Awesome, not Foursome.

Take note, honest gamers.

fragnificent2564d ago

unless ur talkin about co-op lol

hennessey862564d ago

I,m on my second play through and for me the animation is abit dodgy compared to two and the controls are little unresponsive. hopefully this will be patched

starchild2564d ago

Yeah I don't really like a lot of the animation. I mean, the animations are diverse, but I don't think many of them look good. The controls aren't as good as in Uncharted 2 either. Overall it's still a fantastic game, but those were a few disappointing areas.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2564d ago

hate how people are disagreeing because of a genuine crticism. I have got uncharted 3 limited edition and i havnt had a chance to complete yet but this is a justified criticism. uncharted is amazing but some people think that theres no fault in the whole game.

hennessey862564d ago

are disagreeing, I would still give the game 10 out of 10 so calm down

DarkBlood2564d ago

eh im on my fourth playthrough and almost got all of the trophies its not been a full week since i got my copy lol

Pintheshadows2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Have you got the reloading expert one yet? I keep going to do it, killing about 40 enemies and then get carried away and empty a whole magazine. I then weep for a while and then repeat the above process.

DarkBlood2564d ago

certainly did sir though i got pissed off to no end when somehow i screwed up but eventually out of no where i got it so i was relieved

these are the trophies i have left to get

rolling ammo master
dyno-might master
Grenade Hangman
expert ninja

Tyre2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Me too dude! Finished it on Crushing and it is perfect as it is, i hope they do not patch the controls...they add to the challenge, but i guess most gamers nowadays are spoiled with the auto-aim...the controls are perfect and the recoil adds realism to the shooting, just try the cope with it and aim slightly lower. it works just fine i like the controls this way, patching it will make the game less challenging, some gamers complaining about the shooting are mistaken.

Oldman1002564d ago

The recoil has nothing to do with any of the complaints, it's the responsiveness of the controls. The problem that everyone's complaining about is the deadzone, the inconsistent sensitivity, and the dodgy auto aim (hard difficulty and lower). Uncharted 1 and 2 did not have these issues, that's why most are complaining and why it's getting patched.

The patch will also fix/add in motion blur that was supposed to be there in the first place, but for some reason made a no show in the retail game due to a bug or for whatever reason.

Pintheshadows2564d ago

Sweet, none of them are too bad but the rolling ammo one is a bit stupid. I did expert ninja at the Airfield as well as Dynomite Master.

DarkBlood2564d ago

thanks at least i know the best place now to do that makes perfect sense

supremacy2564d ago

More great reviews I like this.

Tyre2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

@oldman100 aight, i hope it will be for the better than, i personally didn't notice the lack of responsiveness & the deadzone being off, I experienced it as part of the intended gameplay, anyway..i did finish it with these controls and the experience isn't less because of it(minor patch and everybody should STFU)....hope the depth of field blur from U2 will be re-introduced with the patch though as u say, thx for the info oldman100

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