Zelda Skyward Sword SteelBook Announced

Futureshop in Canada seems to be getting lots and lots of exclusive SteelBooks recently. The latest of which is a SteelBook that is included along side pre-orders of Zelda Skyward Sword for the Wii.

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crxss2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

not a huge fan of steel cases for my games, looks off in my collection of normal cases lol. though i really liked Uncharted 3's steelbook.

i wish collector's versions just had "better" artwork or different disc art to differentiate it from a regular edition or a collectors case/box to house the regular case (example: MGS4 limited edition). beats having a steelcase which sticks out like a sore thumb imo.

TheBlackMask2563d ago

I'm surprized that they havent done more with this game in terms of limited editions, steelbooks or even a good uber Collectors edition...and I'm not talking about the Gold Wiimote bundle to me that's not a CE.

Seriously Nintendo could of done a nice expensive CE with a load of Zelda goodies in it...since it's the 25th anniversary of Zelda aswell and a load of people would of bought it. They would of been rolling the money in.

pcz2562d ago

yeah, nintnedo aren't the most creative when it comes to special/collectors editions.

They create this classic games then just release them with standard treatment.

MakiManPR2562d ago

I really was expecting AT LEAST a steelbook. But this is the first "CE" they have done so...

Relientk772563d ago

Does it still come with the gold Wiimote, because that would be cool

jacksonmichael2562d ago

No. Just the standard edition.