CVG: Battlefield 4 - What we want to see

So you may have heard that a little game called Battlefield 3 released last week. Critics seem to think it's pretty good and we agree for the most part. We're having a blast in the multiplayer when we're winning, which admittedly doesn't happen often, but there are a few aspects that leave us a little disappointed.

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cpayne932563d ago

For me local multiplayer would be very nice. Not all of my friends own a ps3.

Paradicia2563d ago

How about a non-linear story? :L :L

wazzim2563d ago

Nobody plays BF for the single player lol.

Paradicia2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Eh, I know. They should spend more time on MP instead of wasting resources on a throwaway campaign.

Shackdaddy8362563d ago

Play Bad Company if you don't want prone.

jozzah2563d ago

For an unannounced game, also considering Battlefield 3 just came out?

krazykombatant2563d ago

I say if they're going to do a shit campaign, they should forget about it and add shit load more maps and such. Furthermore, please don't release until next generation consoles are out. I have a decent laptop but it just wouldn't do the game justice and I would probably be slow and laggy as can be. SOOOOOO, don't release until the next gen consoles are out, we can get 64v64 matches and ultra pc leveled graphics

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The story is too old to be commented.