ZPlay - Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkachi Collectors Edition Unboxed

ZOMGPlay's article of them unboxing Dragonball Z Ultimate Tenkachi Collectors Edition (in pictures).

"Bandai Namco and Spike’s latest installment in the Tenkachi series has arrived and unlike previous installments they have gone all out with a special collectors edition. Unlike previous Special Edition sets, which included additional characters via DLC or soundtrack CD this particular collectors edition includes a statue of Super Sayian Teen Gohan in his Great Sayiaman outfit."

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Michael-Jackson2539d ago

Not a fan of this collectors. Weird choice of character for the figure. Ultimate Gohan or SS2 Cell saga Gohan would have been a better choice than this.

Yi-Long2538d ago

... but that's probably cause I've always been a fan of this costume-design.

I wouldn't buy the game though. I'm a big fan of Dragon Ball, but the game doesn't look as great and as fun as you would hope for.

Looking forward more to Naruto Generations.