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G4MERS: "Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider, confess to how many of you - the readers, or readers - at least once in my life dreamed about it, to experience the adventure of your life to be able to once feel for yourself the thrill and adrenaline rush that accompanies the aforementioned heroes. We live in a very boring times, times in which everyone winds up routine the next day, so I'm one hundred percent sure that the fifty readers, forty-nine just dreamed of adventure. We live in times when the gaming industry is slowly but surely replacing the film industry, where the effort that is needed to create a game, and it sometimes goes through the effort of a film several times, the profits from sales of games are enormous, and the campaign so carefully polished that it could easily win more than one state elections."

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Blastoise2591d ago

Another ten! Keep em coming!

Lord_Sloth2591d ago

I'm sorry but 2 was better as a whole in my opinion and I'd give 2 a 9.5 so 3 feels more like an 8 to me which means it's still a great title, just not quite as good as the previous entry.

CynicalVision2591d ago

That's the beauty of opinions, everyone has one. Personally I think Uncharted 3 is better.

Lord_Sloth2591d ago

Hence why I pointed out that it was merely my opinion. Glad you enjoyed it more.

2591d ago
CGI-Quality2591d ago

^ ^ According to most reviews/gamer views, Uncharted 3 is a step UP in every conceivable way. Not saying your opinion is necessarily "wrong", but I'm taking it with a grain of salt.

floetry1012591d ago

Critics said the same about GTA IV. There was plenty of salt chugging there until people realised that GTA was once about fun factor.

Have you played the game by the way?

CGI-Quality2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

Not sure how GTA IV's scenario is comparable, as many gamers disliked it. Again, from both reviewers/gamers, Uncharted 3 does a lot of things Among Thieves did not. Ergo, I'm taking your opinion with a grain of salt.

Edit: I respect your view, really, just have a feeling I will 90-95% disagree when I see the credits roll.

floetry1012591d ago

Obviously I'm going against the grain of popular opinion here. By N4G's standards, I'm blaspheming beyond comprehension, but I stand by my claims, and ask anyone to refute the things I've pointed out as being wrong. I think they're all logical problems with the game.

banjadude2591d ago

@ Floetry

I think people like you throw the words "biggest disappointment of the year" around way too much.

Ontopic: I don't get why everyone is mad about Uncharted 3. The game never claimed it was going to "reinvent the action/adventure genre" and people keep dribbling on about "it's the same as UC2". These same people keep forgetting that there were a bunch of other sequels THIS YEAR that didn't vastly improve on the previous (Gears of War, Dead Space 2, Killzone 3, etc).

Also, if I remember correctly, Evan Wells even said Uncharted 3 is going to be exactly like Uncharted 2, only bigger, bolder and more cinematic. He and his team delivered on that, without a doubt, and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

CGI-Quality2591d ago

People probably didn't see that comment from Wells, or ignored it. I was one of the lucky ones who DID see it, and from most accounts, Uncharted 3 did it's job.

I haven't played through it completely yet (I'm waiting to hook it up to the PlayStation 3D Display on release day next Sunday), but I'm sure it'll be a blast!

floetry1012591d ago

I should probably clarify. I still think it's a solid title in any case. I'm only disappointed in the fact that it's so regressive, and that I wanted it to be great. I never really thought it would be better than Uncharted 2. I just expected it to deliver at a certain level, but it brought back all the gameplay issues I had with Drake's Fortune, which is pretty inexcusable.

I respect your thoughts if you enjoyed it. All power to you. Perhaps BIGGEST disappointment is an overstatement considering the legacy it needed to live up to. It was none the less, a experience I wished could have been much better, and probably should have.

banjadude2591d ago

I apologize floetry101. You make good points and just so you know, I didn't mean to make my original comment as a personal attack on you. If you feel offended in any way, I am very sorry.

But I can see why certain people see UC3 lesser to UC2. I felt the same way about Dead Space 2...

smashcrashbash2591d ago

I personally think your exaggerating. Your just doing like everyone else and judging UC3 based on UC2 instead of judging UC3 based on itself. You disappoint yourself because like most gamers you want it to be exactly like the last game and any other direction taken is a disappointment.

Its the same reason why nothing new is made because developers are afraid to put a single toe outside the original formula to try and improve or try something else.It may be your opinion but I am going to have to disagree with you on this one. UC3 has no 'legacy' to live up to any more then any other game does. I would rather see ND try to do something different at the cost of scorn from everyone then to be stuck in one place crapping out the same game over and over again.Most games come back the same way with only slight improvements and yet get the same high scores. But somehoe UC3 does the same and is a 'disapppointment'?

smashcrashbash2591d ago

@ ARIJayden. Very well said. Everyone always expects things no one promised. No one said UC3 would be giant step up from UC2 but rather more of the game you love. But somehow everyone assumes it will be some giant Hulk leap in gaming. I have said this time and time again and no one ever listens. WHY is every Sony exclusive and sequel expected to push the envelope and evolve gaming while every other game sits in a pool of repetitiveness and overmilking and get away scott free?

At what point in time did it become Sony's job to innovate and take the plunge? How is it their stories MUST fill in every plot hole and define every character while other games paste together stories that sound like a 10 year old wrote it in crayon? Why must the animation be perfectly executed while other games have characters with blank stares on their faces and move like they have a stick stuffed up their butt? Why do these things matter for UC3 but not other games?

supremacy2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

I think its because unlike the others, its the only one racking in the most perfect review scores. So the questions and challenges begin pouring in until someone or a few are convinced otherwise.

In short, its a away to try and persuade others into not falling for the praises said product is receiving.

Or...again it could just as well be criticism? Whether thats negative or constrictive criticism; its a different story one that normally lies with personal opinion.

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