GameCube 10th Anniversary: Nintendo Power's Top 25 GCN Games

Zelda Dungeon: In Nintendo Power’s November issue, they celebrated the GameCube’s tenth anniversary by creating a list of the console’s top 25 games. All three Legend of Zelda games released for the GameCube made the list. The Wind Waker came in second, Twilight Princess came in third, and Four Swords Adventure came in twenty-second. It’s hard to believe that the Gamecube came out ten years ago, especially when many of the games on the list are still talked about and played today. It helps that the Wii provides backwards compatibility so even if fans don’t own a Gamecube, they can still play the games. Along with all the Zelda titles, many other great games made the list. Make sure to check out all 25 after the jump.

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HOSe2563d ago

the best console ever.

gillri2563d ago

metroid prime should be higher

pucpop2563d ago

P.N.03 is pure gold. Wind Waker also.

Venox20082562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Great console.. didn't had N64, so wasn't big fan of Ninty, but after I bought Gamecube, I fell in love to Ninty ..again :) now Wii, then => 3DS => Wii U ...thanks Gamecube :)