Uncharted 3 Review: The Best PS3 Game We Have Played [Gaming Irresponsibly]

GIR writes: Yeah, it is that damn good, see why we thought it was a legendary PS3 title.

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r212755d ago

not the best. imo, ONE of the best ps3 games i've played this year. beautiful and adventurous SP and MP. just finished today :D off to playing hard, then crushing >:D

Game3s2755d ago

Agreed its not the best but one of the best.

FACTUAL evidence2755d ago

i just platinumed uc3 this morning. Too bad the MP isn't fun like UC2. Guess I'll continue playin uc2's MP though. Don't get me wrong they added a lot in uc3's mp, but it's a little to over the top, and feels clunky.

r212755d ago

damn dude, you platinumed U3 already, congrats! :D
understandable about the MP, it really is different compared to U2 so some players may not like the changes.

All3Consoles2755d ago

Im not sure if it's the best or not. But all I can say while playing this game is it's damn near close imo. The equal balance between story/action/graphics make it a top contender. Regardless, this game is truly a must own.

Morpheuzpr2755d ago

Storywise I feel is weaker that the previous one, everything else is better in this one especially online.

CGI-Quality2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

"The best" is their opinion. So they're not wrong in feeling that way. I don't believe it'll be the best PS3 game I've played either, but I won't deny it's contribution to an, already, fantastic line-up!

agentxk2755d ago

There may be better games that we haven't played. I won't rule that out