The Americas Preview: 11/5 Edition (Uncharted 3)

Uncharted 3 has managed to improve upon Uncharted 2's launch week by just over 30%, giving it around 550,000 units. This should be enough to secure first week sales - worldwide - of 1 million plus.

Sonic Generations attracted 160,000 gamers, whilst the latest Lord of the Rings outing debuted higher with 200,000 units. Lastly, Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns managed 80,000 units.

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SPARDA_4262753d ago

VgCharts as usual posting random numbers. Ill just wait for official numbers.

fluffydelusions2753d ago

What exactly do you not agree with in the article? Keep in mind these numbers are US only and UC3 is 30% higher than UC2 so not bad.

SPARDA_4262753d ago

No the numbers aren't bad it's just that these are just predictions not actual sale numbers.

Ulf2753d ago

Add about 10% to everything Sony, and subtract about 10% to everything Nintendo, and then you'll probably have the accurate numbers, months before VGChartz adjusts it to correct its eternally recurring estimation errors.

Bathyj2753d ago

So its doing pretty well so far as far as sales go.

I thought it might since its been half a week and no "IS Uncharted a sales flop" article yet.

But I'm sure they'll come next week.

Rage_S902753d ago

Lol it will come, worry not.