Best Buy Game Deals - Nov. 6 - Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim deals and more

XMNR: The gaming deals at Best Buy for the week of November 6 have a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 focus but there are other offers including deals for Gears of War 3, LEGO Harry Potter and a couple of PS3 and Xbox 360 console deals that may or may not pique your interest.

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DarkTower8052537d ago

I hope people don't actually pay $69.99 for HDMI cables like the one in the 360 MW3 bundle.

Brownghost2537d ago

hdmi should come with every console. Anyway i bought my hdmi from ebay for $1 and get the same HD quality and have been using it for years

ForROME2537d ago

Best Buy yesterday had the Kinect Holiday Bundle with 100 gift card what a steal! also had this for the 250GB non Kinect as well! So I snagged one!

Brownghost2537d ago

wow free phone with mw3. Also best buy is terrible with games. They have terrible prices and never lower them. Also that %15 off is not tempting for buying both the skyrim guide and the game since itll just be $12 off

bredstick652536d ago

I Like like Best Buy for games. They have a lot of deals and every time I show them a lower price they match it. They are not arrogant like the kids at gamestop and 40% more trade in is amazing. Last week I got 50% more trade in for buying Uncharted 3.