Can Diablo 3 Beat ME3 & Halo 4 For Spike's Most Anticipated Game Award?

Pinoytutorial: Here's a discussion showing the reasons why Diablo 3 might beat the odds and won Spike's Most Anticipated Game category ousting Halo 4 and Mass Effect 3 on the list.

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Relientk772564d ago

Idk if Diablo III will win at the Spike VGAs, but for me it does. Diablo III is my most anticipated game. I love Diablo and Diablo II, and I've been waiting over a decade for D3. Cannot wait to get it next year.

jdktech20102564d ago

Sorry, ME3 will win for me. I never played Diablo 2 (fully intend on picking up 3)

XDF2564d ago

Look at self Avatar...Hmmm no, Halo 4 will win. No doubt about it.

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