C.A.R.S. - New Screenshots + Stunning Fan-Made Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "Slightly Mad Studios released a new build for their gorgeous racing sim game, C.A.R.S, and today we bring you some new screenshots from it. In addition, team member Scorzilla made an impressive video trailer that lets viewers experience almost three minutes of racing action in Project C.A.R.S., showing sports cars, touring cars, open wheelers and plenty of historic racing machinery battling it out on track. It undoubtedly looks awesome so make sure to give it a go."

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Si-Fly2540d ago

I've been playing the pre-alphas and it's very good, don't worry though cos its coming to Ps3 and 360 too...

Pandamobile2540d ago

Where have they said that it's coming to the PS3 and 360?

HardcoreGamer2540d ago

iv got ps3 and gt5, and the wheel, and these car game videos always make me wanna bust it out and play on it. but i just packed it away as im playing other games. i wish i had a room with a awesome pc and rig aswell as wheels and seat for racing games. woudl be awesome

Si-Fly2540d ago

I used to have the same problem as you but I'm guessing I'm quite a bit older than you and I'm now lucky enough to have a racing rig set up in another room so I don't get disturbed by my fiancée lol! Sim racing is a hobby that can consume a lot of money in comparison to just playing regular games on a console but for me it's worth it :)

Perjoss2540d ago

Not the best trailer, but the game looks great.

pucpop2540d ago

Where are the human arms?

arjman2540d ago

Do you have to pay to play this?

john22540d ago

Yeap, it's currently into pre-alpha stage and it's development is mainly affected by its community (the ones that pay to play)

level 3602540d ago

Just looking at the new "Darth Vaderesque" Audi R18 sends frightening shivers up me back!