The Pixel Review: War of the Worlds Review

The Pixel Review writes: I love cinematic gameplay. I also love a good old-school gaming challenge. Can these two things exist in one game simultaneously? Well, The War of the Worlds seems intent on trying, but after playing through it, I’ve got my doubts.
The War of the Worlds is based rather directly on the book-radio broadcast phenomenon of the same name. The story’s bleak, hopeless tone of a battle against an opponent that is neither predicted nor prepared for rang true with the war-wary people of the turn of the 20th century, and has managed to continue to be relevant all the way up to the present day. One of the strongest points of the game is its ability to capture and convey this tone, so if you are in to the alien or unknown power invasion vibe, it definitely has that going for it. The narration by Patrick Stewart (Picard, Xavier, Uriel Septim, you know the guy) is phenomenal, although the timing and tone of some of the quotes don’t always match up to the action on screen.

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seanoc2564d ago

I'd really like to see one of the major companies design a War of the Worlds game. A studio like Naughty Dog could create something very special.