10 Key areas to Modern Warfare 3's Success

The Call of Duty franchise has become the most talked about game for years. Some love it and others hate it. No matter how you feel about the game you can not deny the sheer enjoyment you have playing it. We hit 10 key things we gotta see for MW3's success.

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brown0092754d ago

Why are there still noob toobs? Get that weak stuff out of this game. Come on now.

theEx1Le2754d ago

There are noob tubes, but trust me, they won't be annoying anyone they are so nerfed.

JLesinski2754d ago

The Pro Pipe from Halo is the way to go. Best noob tube I've ever played with

GraveLord2753d ago

There's an anti-noob toob and grenade thingy. Its called Trophy System. There's a bunch of videos of it on Youtube. Look it up.

xxxAnubisxxx2754d ago

Really? MW3's success? Sorry, but a month from now after the hype passes, players will run back to a real shooter: Battlefield 3.

There's no doubt MW3 will outsell everything this year, but that doesn't mean people will stick with it.

brown0092754d ago

I don't know, there's still a lot of people playing MW2. Only time will tell.

CBaoth2754d ago

I had low expectations for MW3 but IW really surprised me. I'm not afraid to get disagrees for saying this, I really enjoyed the campaign and the MP maps are big like BlOp's DLC maps. Good co-op too. It might get old but I have a feeling the million of casual COD fans are gonna eat this up

theEx1Le2754d ago

I agree, I picked it up yesterday and i have to say i was pleasently surprised by it. Idk how to describe it but theres definetly a "different" feel to it.

JLesinski2754d ago

Modern Warfare is over. Battlefield is the new standard in the industry. All that is left for CoD are the little 5 year olds that killed Halo for everyone

DBLDeathDealer2754d ago

Glad BF3 got brought into this conversation. I bet CoD does not have any issues with private servers when it is released. ;)

hennessey862754d ago

is a good game but i still prefer cod simples

DBLDeathDealer2753d ago

This seems to be the norm. CoD is easier so people tend to play it more. BF3 you need a team to play. No running and gunning, that is for sure.

hennessey862753d ago

I find on consoles you dont get many team players, i dont no what its like on pc but on consoles run and gun is what everyone does even on team based games it does my head in.

GhettoBlasStarr2754d ago

The key to MW3 is the voice chat!! Being able to talk trash & hear outrageous things is key. Thats one of the main reasons kids,girls & assholes keep playing this game. BF3 is a great game but you don't get to talk to your enemies, hell you don't really even get to talk to your teammates.
People buy Headphones mostly for COD. I've stayed on COD game longer just because of the crazy conversations.

JLesinski2754d ago

How about using the voice chat system for geez idk...TEAMWORK?

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