Tom Chick Does Uncharted 3 & Gamers A Disservice

Velocity Gamer: That new controversial score comes with a post script "Though there may be a few bright spots, the overall product is fairly weak and does not come recommended." Does that sound accurate to you based on your experience with Uncharted 3?

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Urmomlol2592d ago

Who's Tom Chick and why should I care what he thinks?

Dante1122592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

I honestly didn't even know it got a 4 from that site since it isn't on metacritic. I wouldn't give a hoot anyway, bought it even after those sites went out for hits.

Edit: @ Urmomlol

Looked him up and found a picture of him.

blakstarz2592d ago

Now would you trust a guy with a haircut like that?

DarkBlood2592d ago

looks like a failed wolverine haircut

Michael-Jackson2591d ago

That's not him. After searching google I believe I found him.

He's a 45 year old troll. Mediocre acting career too. That wiki page is actually him.

trouble_bubble2591d ago

It is the same guy, just different hair/looks. Your GiantBomb link has a closer grunge era picture, lol. Guy needs a shower. Wiki says he's been trying to be a controversial h8r of popular games guy for over 10 years now dating back to Deus Ex in 2000. In other words, he's a gimmick. In other -other- words, completely disposable. -flush-

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disturbing_flame2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Man i wonder what Cliffy B would have said if someone gave 4/10 to Gears 3.

Anyway after all, everyone have its opinion, so...
I really don't agree with Chick, and now i know i will no more look at what he is writting when i see how poorly it had been written.

Sad to see so much hatred from a guy working in the industry, i think we can measure how much Naughty Dog have done a great job only by reading articles like Chick wrote. Naughty Dog have been this good to see him going completely mad.

Kudos ND.

sjaakiejj2592d ago

Not completely a 4, but it's definitely the lowest anybody's ever given Gears 3. Oh and look, it's written by Tom Chick!

disturbing_flame2592d ago

Man didn't know.

Looks like this Tom Chick is definitly a hater, Gears 3 is far from deserving a C+.

Silly gameAr2591d ago

He gave Gears 3 a C+? Definitely time to retire.

Hockeydud192592d ago

The first 20 min of Uncharted told me that it was his opinion and almost no part of the review was based on the quality of the game. It's probably the best game I've played all year and I'm trying hard to take breaks so I can savor every minute of it haha.

younglj012592d ago

100% This review alone show how this fanboy mentality is ruining gaming in my opinion.....

Silly gameAr2592d ago

I know this guys little nit pickings and review is only his opinion, but this game is definitely not a 4. Just finished it tonight, and It was one of the best games I've played this year.

I think it's time for Tom Chick to change his profession, because he obviously isn't into gaming anymore.

HALODST2592d ago

Why should I care what any reviewer thinks?? if I like the game I like it if not then no....

Jocosta2592d ago

Just an fyi, the more people defend Uncharted 3, the more exposure they give the review. Just move on.

P_Bomb2592d ago

It's a double edged sword. I think the reason some writers from other review sites are taking their exception to print is because these odd man out 4/10 and 5/10 scores sort of imply, whether they want to or not, that all their peers that gave higher scores can't see the forest from the trees.

A 4/10 and a 9/10 imply completely different experiences, both objectively on the technical side, and subjectively on the emotional side. That's where it comes down to integrity and who you trust, and trust is a slippery slope in videogame journalism.

No one wants the integrity of their 9/10 or 10/10 questioned either because of one or two guys with 4/10s that believe they're just as right, even if they don't know circle from square (eg. AV Club).

Soldierone2592d ago

A 4? Couldn't be anymore desperate for hits and clearly show it than this. I understand disliking a game, but giving a 4 to a game like this is clearly targeting the fanboys to get them to rage and give you hits.

Sad thing is there are alternatives to big I don't know...being a talented writer.

Letros2592d ago

Or 100 spin off articles like this people stumble upon and then proceed to the 4/10 review, these articles only help with the hits.

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