The Life, Death and Rebirth of Competitive Halo

MP1st - "Halo, one of the most popular and best-selling game franchises, has long had a respectable standing in the competitive gaming world."

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Criminal2536d ago

Halo has always been a game about skill. It's great to see 343i taking it to heart.

Mister_V2536d ago

It's funny how a little thing like reticle bloom can make such a difference. Excited for this patch and excited for Halo Anni!

Bob5702536d ago

We need the BR back and Armor Abilities gone.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2536d ago

I do miss the sound of the BR. But I do like the abilities. I wouldn't mind keeping the sprint and the roll as a regular part of the game. And keeping the jetpack.

Drake1172536d ago

All they need to do is add the double shot and BXR back and it will make it so much more skill based.

Bob5702536d ago

Button glitches are one of very few things from Halo 2 I do not miss.

Armor abilities completely changed Halo also.

Sprint and evade ruined close quarters combat. Anyone with sprint of evade on has a huge advantage over anyone without it. It makes it way too easy to be out of range with sword or shotgun and instantly get within instant kill range. It also makes it way too easy to run from a fight.

Jetpack is just strait up game breaking. It becomes far too easy to get anywhere on the map, it makes map position completely meaningless.

Halo never needed revitalizing up until Reach brought it way down. We need to go back to what the original trilogy's multiplayer was all about.

Drake1172536d ago

Whats wrong with button glitches? Im saying put them in as none button glitches lol just make them a part of the game. Its not like the button glitches didnt take good skill and timing to perfect. Just adds a whole new element to the game, makes it more exciting to watch when some 1 is down 2 shots in a BR battle then quad shots to get on even ground. So clutch lol.

RememberReach2536d ago

I don't know if it's possible to revitalize the franchise to the point that it had been at, as much as it greatly pains me to say it.

I think that it's got the reputation as the "kiddie" game and CoD has taken its place. Which sucks so bad. I wish it was as popular as Halo 3 was, but everyone knows that it won't be.

Maybe there's hope. Maybe Halo 4 can do it. I sincerely hope so.