Skyrim's mature themes will not have filters, says Marketing VP

Pete Hines, the Vice-President of Marketing at Bethesda, declared via Twitter that the blood animations will not have an option to toggle them on or off.

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Bigpappy2755d ago

As is should be. This game should not try to pull the PG crowd. If is really an RPG series that appeals more to adults.

judoka24132755d ago

3Well they should have at least include the on/off blood in the game. What if my lil brother wants to play it?

MariaHelFutura2755d ago

Just tell him its a videogame.

Angrymorgan2755d ago

Well not trying to be funny but if your little bro ain't old enough then
Maybe he shouldn't play it, besides if he can play it, then he knows it ain't real.

Series_IIa2755d ago

So you're quite content with your little brother butchering somebody with a sword as long as it has no blood?

Rettom2755d ago

Then there shouldn't be any violence if you don't want blood. Turning blood off won't do crap. It's still violence. But no violence = no Elder Scrolls

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DrRobotnik2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

@judoka2413 Just tell him its ketchup.

TheWolverine2755d ago

Good, a mature game for mature gamers. Besides, even if lillte kids play it, they will most likely have seen more blood, gore, sex, etc on TV and in movies.

theonlylolking2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

I have noticed that kids can tell that something is digital better than old people and many adults can. Maybe it is because kids now grow up seeing digital things.

vortis2755d ago

Eh, not always true.

This stuff DOES affect kids. Just because they don't always say how doesn't mean that they're okay with it.

There is a lot of psychological influence behind certain acts of violence that can affect different people in different ways. Just "talking about it" doesn't always make it okay.

If you cut some guy's arm off and blood starts pouring out and he's screaming his head off it's definitely going to affect someone differently than if you cut his arm off and he instantly dies with no blood and no screaming.

TopDudeMan2755d ago

Yeah, you need that blood in there. Who on earth would play it with them off, anyway?

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