Dylan Jobe comments NDA possibilities and voucher problems for Starhawk beta

Dylan Jobe on the possibility of NDA restrictions, as well as voucher code problems, for the upcoming multiplayer beta of the Playstation 3 exclusive title, Starhawk.

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MultiConsoleGamer2539d ago

Very much looking forward to Starhawk. I really enjoyed Warhawk, and Starhawk has a great team behind it. Good things to come...

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L6RD7BLU32538d ago

Don't you guys mean Warhawk 3 not 2. the original Warhawk is on ps1

kingjoker342538d ago

That would mean that warhawk 2 was on ps3, but the actual name of the title is Warhawk. so this is warhawk 2.

L6RD7BLU32538d ago

Ummm NO! just because it was called Warhawk on the ps3 doesn't make it the first installment of the series. It's the second Warhawk game, but it isn't called Warhawk 2 and Warhawk on the ps3 wasn't even a remake or a continuation of the story just multilayer and Starhawk is different from the 2, So all of this is irrelevant anyway.

BitbyDeath2538d ago

"The #Starhawk Beta does not have an NDA so it's completely ok if you want to capture and upload videos to YouTube!"

Would be awesome if this also applies to the private beta.

Spenok2538d ago

Speaking of the Starhawk beta... when does it start for the peoples who bought UC3?

BitbyDeath2537d ago

No official date has been given yet but the open beta that was given with UC3 will not begin until sometime in 2012. However the closed beta is beginning sometime this month.

Spenok2537d ago

Ah. Well guess that answers my question. Thanks ^^

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