DCUO Subscriptions Were Around 30k Before Going F2P

As many as 120,000 people have signalled their interest to download DC Universe Online in just two days, following a decision to make the game free. But by admitting to these numbers, did they tip their hand as to their previous subscription levels?

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Pikajew2757d ago

I like the game. i may try the 5$ a month when I get some money

KingSlayer2757d ago

It's not $5 a month. Make a single purchase of $5 or more and get Premium access for life. $15 a month get you everything the game has to offer (DLC, etc.)

HeavenlySnipes2756d ago

doing that. The game is really fun to play

Sizzon2757d ago

I need to try it now when it's free, love me a MMO sometimes.

Tachyon_Nova2756d ago

Just fyi, it will be free from now on, this isn't a limited time offer.

golsilva2756d ago

maybe 30k for the pc version but they didnt mention the subs for the ps3 version i believe or gave any indication at the increase

Pandamobile2756d ago

It was 30,000 for both platforms combined.

golsilva2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

yeah but the article was referring to this tweet by soe president, which they didnt provide

"wow. Over 120k PC registrations in 2 days for DCUO PC. 4x concurrent increase. Big TV and online campaign coming later in November."!/j_sme...

so i think he was just referring to the pc version in this instance

Brownghost2756d ago

Ive been hold in out from this game, now i can try it out

younglj012756d ago

Lol this is what I call an prototype game.Look at how many copies was sold BEFORE DCUO became F2P.I bet those people will return because I think more then 30k copies sold for this game.

Also DCUO 2 will be F2P on release date.Can't wait too see what other F2P games Sony have developing atm.

I'm one those 120,000 people and I will be buying some new PSN cards pretty soon...

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The story is too old to be commented.