Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: Unboxing Images, Future DLC planned

Today several pictures of the game’s casing, inner casing, XMB, and much more have been shared.

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UltimateIdiot9112752d ago

Can't wait to get my hand on MGS HD Collection LE. It's too bad Amazon still haven't receive stock yet.

n4gisatroll2752d ago

Is that why they don't have release day shipping? Is the limited edition available without preorder?

UltimateIdiot9112752d ago

Yeah, they still haven't gotten stock yet. Hopefully they get them by tomorrow.

As of now, PS3 MGS HD Collection LE is sold out. Keep an eye out to see if it comes back in stock.

n4gisatroll2752d ago

Apparently gamestop has them in stock. I think I'm gonna make the plunge and go to gamestop again...I hate doing that though.

UltimateIdiot9112752d ago

Good Luck. Go early because I remember hearing stories about how some didn't get their MGS4 LE because good old reliable GameStop took in more preorders than copies they will receive.

KillerPwned2752d ago

My god its so beautiful I love the disk. I don`t think I can bring myself to sell my Ultimate HD collection anymore on ebay.

brettyd2752d ago

Yea i think its themes and avatars, things like that.

solidsnake2222752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Yeah, judging from the picture I'd say your right. It's about time, I've been wanting an MGS avatar since my first ps3. Now a dynamic theme would be a great addition.

n4gisatroll2752d ago

It says for peace walker. Who knows, maybe online multiplayer or something.

MasterD9192752d ago

DLC better be the original MGS!

solidsnake2222752d ago

The original MGS is a full game, not DLC and is already on psn.

2pacalypsenow2752d ago

well loks like im doing a playthrough off all mgs game again its been 3 years since i last did that for the release of MGS4

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