Arkham City’s Ending: Good But Not Great

Warning: the following is a discussion on the ending to Batman: Arkham Asylum. Very explicit details about the ending will follow. You’ve been warning

Batman: Arkham City has a lot in common with its predecessor. Arkham City simply improves on Arkham Asylum by increasing its scope and ambition. Instead of a normal prison, you have city-sized, super prison. Instead of one central villain, you have several whose factions are at war against each other. And instead of a stupid and unsatisfactory ending, you have a passable but mediocre conclusion.

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Yi-Long2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

... it was lazy writing, betting purely on the 'shock-value' of it.

I won't spell it out, nor the other instances in the game which suffered from the same case of 'soap-opera shock-value' writing, but I never like it when this kinda stuff happens in comics, or in this case in a game.

Venox20082565d ago

for me it was "wow, that's all?" :)

Gigglefist2564d ago

A player's opinion =/= news. Granted it was short and to the point, but I found the ending satisfying nonetheless. What else should we expect? Batman to smile? Good one.

ViraGunn2563d ago

It's not news - hence why it's under the "opinion" section. Some people like to exchange ideas and promote the freeflow of discussion as to further legitimize the industry as an artistic medium. :]

Pozzle2564d ago

The only thing that bothered me was how rushed the ending was. R'as and Hugo Strange were dead, then the last 10-15 minutes was dedicated to Joker and Clayface. That could have been fleshed out IMO. An extra 1-2 hours could have made it feel less rushed.

Captain Qwark 92564d ago

Everybody's opinion deff differ greatly. I for one loved it, the end fight was alot of fun. All the characters met interesting fates and he stopped protocol 10. Im not sure what anybody else was/is looking for. Bats with a sword is bad ass too. Don'tt know/care what bats did after that, oh wait he went back to finish cleaning up arkum city. It concluded everything it need imo. Great. Only thing I would change is a solid hand to hand with just joker followed by an amazing cutscene to finish the battle.

I think it was great like I said, only thing that disappointed me was the conclusion of each side missions, wasted opportunities for amazing additional boss battles.

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