9.0 Dungeon Defenders Review

While their parents are out saving the land of Etheria, the adolescent apprentice, squire, huntress, and monk are left by themselves to protect the castle and crystals from invading monsters. Dungeon Defenders is primarily a tower defense game, but it does have RPG elements too.

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JeepGamer2752d ago

And now it's time to figure out if there's a way to have articles from a particular site banned from N4G.


Because assigning a "morality score" to a game then deducting points for "occult" references is hate speech.

You didn't read that wrong. It's hate speech.

You don't get to call 'occult' references immoral and get away with it. How about if I consider anything that makes Bible or Christian references immoral? I have ample ground to make such a conclusion after all.

Hey Christ Centered Gamer, how about you get around to reading that Bible of yours and some of the absolutely sick things your god orders then come back and explain to us how its "immoral" to have occult references.

ccgr2752d ago

Christians and parents find the moral breakdown useful. If you don't, there are plenty of other review sites out there. Ours obviously has a target audience that you don't fit into.