EuroGamer - Game of the Week: Uncharted 3

EuroGamer - A new friend and fellow games writer paid me a great compliment recently: he said that he liked this column because Game of the Week marked the point at which we could stop talking about the reviews, and start talking about the actual games.

That's partly why we're trying it out in this new Saturday morning slot, to distance it from the hubbub of the week - and because many of you will have been playing the games in question on Friday night. You might have noticed that I no longer mention the scores here either, choosing to pick illuminating or fun quotes from the reviews instead.

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ps3bestever2564d ago

UNCHARTED 3 will be game of the year, i hope !

fluffydelusions2564d ago

I don't know. Just going by scores it may go to Batman AC but Skyrim hasn't been released yet either so it's hard to say. Weird how Skyrim is nominated already and no reviews are up yet. I guess they know something we don't.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Yeah I would choose Batman AC over UC3. But I'm betting Skyrim takes the majority of awards.

Bathyj2564d ago

Batmans a great game, but I think its been overratted.

Batman did not have one moment where I said "OMG, did you see that?" It didnt have any WOW moments.

Uncharted had many.

In fact, last night, while gazing on a particulary beautiful vista near the end, I gasped, "HOLY SH*T." The funny thing was Drake then repeated my line straight after me like a parrot.

Another great part was Sully, having me actually laughing out loud as oppossed to just typing lol.

clearelite2564d ago

Yes, after the aiming patch it will surely be a contender.

Bathyj2564d ago

Yeah, that so stopped me from enjoying this game, and kept it out of GotY contention.

clearelite2564d ago

darn it, I make one post that isn't well thought out and I have sarcasm all over me. Obviously it is a GOTY contender and the recent patch will make it all the more worthy. The complaints that the minority have are gone and there is nothing left to complain about. Now it is certainly a contender.

Bathyj2563d ago

Sorry dude. Didnt mean to be so hard on you.

Maybe all these nitpicking reviews that open with gripes are getting to me. If I was going to talk about this game, I'd mention a dozen things I love about it, and then dicuss the couple of minor niggles.

Anyway, game in piece, but if you really are so sensitive to sarcasm, N4G might not be for you.

That was a friendly joke BTW. ;)

Relientk772564d ago

Exchange the word week, with year.

younglj012564d ago

Finally got my pre-order and all I can say is Wow.Whoever rated this game below a 7 is just a fanboy.This is a masterpiece for tha ages.If you dont have this game you is missing out one of tha best.Thanks for your time back too tha SP/MP....

smashcrashbash2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

All I have seen so far is general nitpicking. I am not certain why people are so ready to put UC3 out as GOTY. Its done a hell of a lot better then many games that came out this year and UC2 beat out Batman AA before so I can't see why it can't beat Batman AC. Its still basically the same Batman game only bigger. Don't get me wrong, I'm getting Batman AC for my birthday. Just saying UC3 has just as much a chance as any of the other games. A 1% less then another game isn't going to cost them the GOTY

megalonagyix2563d ago

Only bigger? wtf? And what is Uncharted 3? A degraded version of UC2 with little to no improvement on the prequel. It's a great game, but nowhere as great as everyone says. Take out the big budget and the graphics and It's just a mediocre game.

UltimateIdiot9112564d ago

Loving the game. I enjoy how the story focus on Nathan and Victor's relationship but wish it would show a little more of Elena and Chloe.

smashcrashbash2563d ago

@ megalonagyix. Wow, looks like I hit a nerve. You got very defensive there. If you read my post before jumping to aggression you would see I said I hold nothing against Batman AC. I am getting it. But from what I've heard and seen it just looks like Batman AA on a larger scale. And I have no problem with that. I think it is very unfair for you to call UC3 a downgraded version of UC2 and without cinematics and graphics it would be a mediocre game.

You sound like you have a beef with UC3 but the reviews say the opposite of what you think. Without the open worldness, which is still linear by sandbox standards, Batman AC is still basically Batman AA .But like I said I have no problem with that. You can rant about it and nitpick it but UC3 is still a contender whether you like it or not. And don't get me started on what other well scored games that would be crap if not for certain things e.g. Dead Island and Rage.