5 Differences in Battlefield 3 if Developed by Activision (StrengthGamer)

Anthony Accinelli of writes, "Lets face it - Battlefield 3 is by far the greatest modern warfare first-person shooter to date. It raises the bar higher than we have ever seen before, and may not be beaten in this console generation. "

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za3redrum2756d ago

Activision is no developer, it's a publisher. That's a big difference.

AvidGamerrrr2756d ago

If you truly think Activisiom doesnt play a key role in developing these games you need to do a little research

fluffydelusions2756d ago

Even if they influence decisions it still doesn't take away from the fact that they ARE just a publisher.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2756d ago

"Lets face it - Battlefield 3 is by far the greatest modern warfare first-person shooter to date. "

You'd think that they'd have you and your friends able to play with each other on the same team and squad, a much simpler task. I've never been more frustrated with DICE's ridiculous lobby set up. Why not just have a lobby that you and your friends all meet up with. Even the ones not in the small 4 man sqaud. And then when you go into a game, you should all be on the same team.

Not different squads, and on different teams. That's day 1 stuff for the best FPS modern warfare ever.

irepbtown2755d ago

Although I agree Dice should have made joining a game easier with a squad, you need to also take some responsibility.
So when you're with your friends, dont go into a game with 23/24, you go to a game with less than 19. When i'm with my friends we go into a game max 16/24 in so we 100% are in the same team.

Lavitz20122756d ago

Lol number 3 really got me lmfao xDD.

kma2k2756d ago

even with all the complaning about COD i can at least say if activision had been involved i would add the campaing wouldnt have sucked as much!

Rod2756d ago

Wow. Are you really that desperate for hits?

consolez_FTW2756d ago

hmm... maybe you should actually read the article. It's not to be taken seriously at all. it's actually quite a funny piece man.

dcortz20272756d ago

BF3 would actually be fun to play and not be a total snorefest.

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The story is too old to be commented.