The Complete List of Game Modes in Modern Warfare 3 (Normal and Advanced)

MP1st - "Here’s the complete list of every game mode in public matchmaking."

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Nitrowolf22540d ago

cool to see that we are getting more Hardcore modes

Mister_V2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Kill Confirmed seems interesting. Looks just like Crysis 2's "Team Instant Action," having to collect the dog-tags and all. Might be a good game mode to avoid campers!

S_C2540d ago

Roll On Tuesday Morning

-Alpha2540d ago

I remember it from Timesplitter's 'Thief' mode

BiggCMan2540d ago

Nice to see the dogtags, I mean actually SEE them. I loved the idea in Crysis 2, but I could never see the dogtags, can't tell you how many times I lost track of them.

princejb1342540d ago

wait what happened to 3rd person playlist

BiggCMan2540d ago

It was crappy in MW2 anyways. People ALWAY abused the camera and hid behind place waiting for kills, it sucked.

Dropdeadll2540d ago

tps with low health don't mix well

Criminal2540d ago

Not worth bringing back. Personally, I didn't like it at all. MW2's game engine didn't work for it.

Criminal2540d ago

Team defender looks a lot of fun for those who don't care too much about K/D.

chickens2540d ago

yeah i dont understand why people care so much about k/d. not much fun if you take it too serious.

Pixel_Enemy2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

KDR has ruined team and objective based gameplay for all shooters across the board. I blame COD.. I am so glad BF3 came out the same time of year so I don't have to bother with COD.

I am really looking forward to a new COD engine, I wonder how many more games they plan to squeeze out with the COD4 engine.

chickens2540d ago

whats the mercury game mode?

Criminal2540d ago

Mercenary TDM. Sorry, epic auto-correct fail.

esemce2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

You can play in 3rd person mode but think its only for custom games (private) as there is an option to toggle in game setup.

Also i think there should be a no aim assist mode that would be interesting.