Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans to Fight Back

Thomas Whitehead: If we were to summarise Nintendo’s year so far, we’d say that it’s been having a tough time. There have been moments of brilliance that have reaffirmed the faith of loyal gamers, but there have also been a lot of mis-steps, mistakes and bad publicity, some of which has been unjustified.

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VampiricDragon2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

The 3ds has the most secure future of probably any new system. It has more things going for it than any nintendo portable before it like higher sales, better games, more third party support, ect

A bad starting price doesnt change the fact that pretty much for the last 4 months sales have been number 1 monthly in at least 1 region

Sithlord-Gamble2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Are u serious? Of course it was, there's no competition right now. Wait till Feb.

BUT ... its pretty funny u say that bc 3DS couldn't even outsell an outdated handheld in the PSP in japan and u think it'll do better than Vita??? Especially considering all the soldout preorders already!

Most secure future of any new system? Wow bro ur delusional. Their future is just as secure as its past, u know with that great release line up and awesome pricepoint for a new DS and that cool outdated single analog.

Im sure 3DS will do fine, and yes there's some cool games coming out but don't talk like the 3DS is the greatest handheld ever bc its far from it.

Sony & Microsoft fanboy are fiercely loyal but Nintendo fanboys are by far the worst due to them being trapped in their false sense of reality totally oblivious to the rest of the gaming world.

As a childhood Nintendo diehard, as I've gotten older Nintendo has slowly disappointed me more n more bc they are so far behind the curve at this point.

Online gaming is important but yet they haven't gotten that right yet. They made a huge mistake in the design of the 3ds, the launch lineup was horrible, and they still alienate 3rd party developers. Nintendo needs to correct all of these issues and fast before they end up like Sega and that would be a shame.

IMO, Zelda is the only worthwhile game franchise anymore.

Sony gave their fans something that improved in every way on the psp while nintendo just continues to recycle old ideas.

rexbolt2754d ago

um wtf are u talking about talk about online gameing lol the orginal psps dident even have online gameing and as for psp selling more i would hope so sine its cheaper o.0

HALODST2754d ago

Sonys major problem is their new handheld will certainly attract alot of modders/hackers, just pray it doesn't else its the psp all over again lol

Game3s2754d ago

Then a guess the the Vita has the best future right?

With the majority of its release lineup being ports from the PS3 right?

So i am going to buy the Vita to play game i already play right?

Go watch this and tell me if you change your mind it changed my mind on the 3DS.

AdvanceWarsSgt2754d ago

lol I love how Sony fanboys are trying to pit the PSP against the DS because it couldn't outsell it's original competitor.

inb4salesdon'teqaulqualit yeventhoughSonyfanboyscitePS2sa lesnumbersallthetime

AdvanceWarsSgt2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

LOL Sithlord-Gamble obviously never owned a Nintendo handheld if he seriously thinks 3rd parties didn't support the GB/GBA/DS.

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Angrymorgan2754d ago

Anyone getting a wii u???
Im seriously considering it out of curiosity.

AJBACK2FRAG2752d ago

Day one.
So will alot of people. F zero HD? C'mon. Animal Crossing mmorpg? Seriously? Zelda HD. People think all the dipshits that comment on this site are uber informed and know everything about video games. BS. The Wii U is gonna be e'fing humongous. Believe it.

HALODST2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Mario, Resident evil, Kingdom Hearts, Professor layton vs phoenix wright, Monster Hunter

Nuff said.. Nintendo will own the holidays

DrRobotnik2754d ago

Resident evil, Kingdom Hearts, Professor layton vs phoenix wright and Monster Hunter will probably release on the vita as well.....with better visuals and online capability.

Mario0072754d ago

nope, KH never releases on 2 systems, both lyton and phoenix wright are pretty much nintendo franchises (though not owned by nintendo of course) and as for monster hunter capcom is too lazy to make a graphically improved and single-world MH game which it could achieve either on vita or on home consoles so it'll stay at 3ds

DrRobotnik2754d ago

@Mario007 Yeah your right, this is capcom and square Im talking about. I'll just go over in this corner and facepalm my thought, that either of these companies would deliver.

AWBrawler2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

lol he cant deny the greatness so he plays the "it might come to Vita" card lol priceless.

HALODST2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Yes yes just like how most of the great DS games got ported to the psp.... lol

some people are just insecure, so they pray these great titles come to the vita ;) lol

DrRobotnik2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

@AWBrawler I played my hand...lets see yours.

@HALODST No, those are not great titles. Just rehashed ports of N64,ps2,psp and now DS sprinkled with a little "3D" dust. I'll pass.And don't bring up the "Have you see the resident evil trailer" argument, because my question back would be, "have YOU seen it?"

Nintendo is famous for dangling the carrot for mules to follow blindly. I too fell for it with SSBB announcement of online, only to be utterly disappointed. Yes the 3ds will sell more than the vita because Moms and kids need Their dose of poke'mon and mario 3 remix 32. But come on nintendo.

AWBrawler2754d ago


I gave up posting lists when everything i posted this guy replied with gay. Each person has their own personal preferrences. Just Know that currently available already, there are 7 available titles for 3DS that I haven't added to my collection yet and well over 20 that i know of coming next year before E3.

See, I'm not anybody's fanboy (except maybe sega) so I can admit that Vita will have some good games, but 3DS will have more that appeal to me. I prefer otaku games, Japanese games that aren't afraid to be as Japanesey as heck! I played Giftpia back on Gamecube, so I realize my taste in games is bizarre, but still very much "Hardcore" as you people love to call it

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Darkfocus2754d ago

the wii had a rocky launch too and the original DS had a very slow start(although it wasn't nearly as costly on Ninty) I'm sure they'll be fine the 3DS looks like it's got a bright future with a nice lineup of games finally beginning to buildup.

ChickeyCantor2754d ago

The transition to the next generation and making unique games that really show off the work on each platform just take a while.

It has happened over and over with every generation.
I'm certainly not worried.

ForROME2754d ago

the wii u will fail, its going to be like the n64 all over again which i loved buy wasnt the best in sales and install base

DrRobotnik2754d ago

Nah, its going to be another Wii. Huge sales, no games....except Mario, Zelda and Wii U Sports.

HALODST2754d ago

can a plzz borrow your crystal ball sometime?? 8-)

DrRobotnik2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

@HALODST Yes you may. Just don't break it, I borrowed it from Michael Pachter.

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