The Backlog: Call of Duty

Default Prime's Charles Battersby writes “Hello Activision, I’m sorry I missed your call. Actually, it seems that I’ve missed several calls in the past few years. I mean to make it up to you, but before I do, just let me say this – as politely as I can – if you’d stop calling me so often, I might actually pick up once in while.” I bought Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and World at War (the fifth entry in the series) a while ago, but I haven’t had the time to play them. Two more Calls have come since then, and with the third Modern Warfare about to assault the gaming industry, I figured it was time to pull these old games out of my Backlog and see how they’ve held up.

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webbsod2564d ago

dont got time for the game then why you buy it?

lots of new ipods have came out from the time i got my ipod does not mean my ipod sucks just means there are better ones out there.
man up!

buckley2564d ago

You know, it's not all that unusual to buy a game expecting to play it, and then not end up being able to. Most of us know what that feels like.