PixlBit's Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Review

PixlBit | If Uncharted 3 has proved one thing to me, it's that Naughty Dog is unbelievably adept at delineating an openly interactive experience. Whether you're chasing down an opponent through back alleys and across rooftops or searching for a hidden switch in some decrepit structure, Naughty Dog knows exactly how to direct your eye and smooth out all of the typical bumps associated with navigating a 3D space. And all of this is amidst stunning and grandiose locales, which are part of an amazing and intriguing story. Naughty Dog shows unbelievable mastery in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception that's unparalleled in this day and age.

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supremacy2566d ago

More perfects. Always a sure thing with this game it seems.

MrDead2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

I've just started my second playthrough and I'm loving every moment of it. Its like someone looked at me and said "lets make this guy a game" just a shame it has to end.

So a perfect score brings very little attention yet the morons of N4G make a 4/10 review the top story.

The people on this site justify giving this game a low score as it generates so much attention. If it got a 9/10 or 10/10 no one would have even read the article. Yet again N4G puts crap ahead of news

Pintheshadows2566d ago

I always agree with you MrDead. I think it's the suave top hat and common sense.

joab7772566d ago

I agree w the review. U would seriously have to b biased not to see the extraordinary work that naughty dog did. If u have a problem w the gameplay, play it on crushing. It actually seems to shine on this difficulty. There r no melee prompts and u can feel just how much danger u r in. The horseback sections r amazing to me, as noother game gives u such control amidst an action sequence. I do wish that they had implemented some boss fights, and the lack of enemy variety is inexcusable for a game such as this. But, there is no denying the quality. In a time of such great games, naughty dog still finds a way to stay above the fray. Here's to hoping the ps4 launches w drakes next adventure.