Batman: Arkham City PC Slightly Delayed

DSOGaming writes: "I seriously don't know whether or not this bad news. Batman fans - and especially those located in US - will have to wait a little longer, as Steam has moved the game's European and US release date to November 18th and November 25th, respectively. Of course those located in the land of the free will be quite disappointed, but fear not as a lot of PC games are coming these days."

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Voxelman2630d ago (Edited 2630d ago )

NOOOOOO Not again
That game better be perfect after all this

Letros2630d ago

Bummed a bit, but I have Skyrim to hold me over for a long time.

Letros2629d ago

Just picked up SR3 for $33 too on GreenManGaming...Batman can wait a bit longer :-)

Johnny_Cojones2629d ago

My new favorite site for PC games.

Muffins12232630d ago

Good thing i got a xbox360,i have a gaming computer and a xbox :D I buy almost all my games on pc but call of duty and exclusive games i buy on xbox,i buy cod on xbox because...all my friends dont have gaming pc.I mean not alot of people have one :/

fluffydelusions2630d ago

I have both 360 and PS3. I buy whichever system the game performs best on or if it's MP I will buy the system I plan on playing with friends. Like you, I will buy COD on 360 for friends + the early DLC.

Hifist12629d ago

Battlefield 3 and Skyrim keeps me busy tbh.

Plagasx2629d ago

So people in America just have to wait 2 more days??

Lol, I think I can wait, especially since Skyrim will rape most of my time long before then...

dex31082629d ago

7 days difference between US and EU release and game is made in EU? Are they serious?

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