Mark Hamill Explains Why the Joker Gets the Last Laugh in Batman: Arkham City

While most people still associate actor Mark Hamill with his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars films, he’s made a career for himself as a voice actor in films, television and video games. One of his more recognizable roles has been as the Joker in the Batman animated series and Rocksteady Studios’ Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City games. Hamill discusses bringing the popular DC Entertainment character to life in the video interview below.

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BabyCarlos2564d ago

Thank you for the massive spoiler, asshole!

LackTrue4K2564d ago


megalonagyix2564d ago

Why did you listened it then? Fairly obvious it's a spoiler by the title.

Corepred42564d ago

If you didn't get that from the title of the article you deserve to get the game ruined for yourself.

Lavitz20122564d ago

Jeezus christ he really does look like Darth sidious.

MorbidPorpoise2564d ago

With a bit of make up he looks like the joker.

Oldman1002564d ago

Holy crap, he also looks like Luke Skywalker.

BuT_TeR2564d ago

Wtf. Just spoiled part of the ending. What a dumb***

RavensmashSK2564d ago

I'm planning on playing Arkham City (you know, a fairly new release in the schem of things).

But I'm sorely disappointed if a poor choice of title has ruined the story for me. Horrible decision.

I saw this on the front page btw.

rdgneoz32563d ago

Joker gets the last laugh is a massive spoiler? If it told you the ending then yes, it would be a spoiler. If you feel that one line spoils it for you, then don't get it cause it obviously gives away all the side characters you meet, tells you every side quest, and the whole plot of the game...

Myst-Vearn2564d ago

lollmaoroflPhahawtfwutUcwatuSd idthSaretcY

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