GTA 5: Rogue 'Journalist' Claims Refuted By Future, Imagine

Future Publishing and Imagine Publishing, the only two publishers of PlayStation magazines in the UK, refute claims of journalist leak.

See the update at the bottom of the news story (NowGamer).

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scotchmouth2752d ago

The first thing that came to my mind was that if there was going to be leaked information on GTAF it wouldn't be through this account. Deepthroat/ChevyChase comes to mind.

If you've been on any GTA related forums for any period of time you'll have seen various accounts describing that they are a games journalist, or the son/nephew/cousin of someone that works at R.

Number 4 negates number 10. First of all if PETA got up in arms which they wouldn't it's a non issue. These aren't living beings.

Essentially what these two points state is there would be police dogs but were not sure if you can defend yourself from them. If there are police dogs they need to be killed otherwise they are an unstoppable force. If you can kill them then there is no point on any other restriction on any other animal. Plus if there was PETA controversy (which there wont be) that is free advertising.

#7 "Rockstar said burglary missions may return but only as part of missions and not on neigbourhood houses"

So then they cease to be burglary missions and are instead missions where a burglary takes place but not in a residential property. A lot of missions throughout GTA have contained theft that's nothing new. Saying "Burglary missions may return" indicates exactly what we think but then is immediately negated by the following rest of the sentence.

The rest of it reads as a vague wishlist and contains things from other games. Improvement on police AI? We should expect that especially considering the improvements in Chinatown Wars and RDR. It is expected to see this natural progression from such an innovative company.

StraightPath2751d ago

This troll if fake sure got a lot of peoples hope up.

Donnywho2751d ago

I do enjoy hearing about how every new game pushes the limits of the 360 and the Ps3. I think it's been about two solid years of games pushing the limits of the consoles, which is fucking hilarious.

scotchmouth2751d ago

I really love the end of console life for that very reason. It's great to see what boundaries can be pushed. To compare games that came out on launch with today's games and see how far they have come.

We'll no doubt get more ground breaking, limit pushing games as we enter 2012.

SephirothX212748d ago

Clearly this guy was a troll. I can't understand how people believed him. Firstly, there is no way that Los Santos in this game will be four times the size of Liberty City. Secondly, a journalist would not leak information because he'd/she'd know that their magazine/site would easily figure out who did it and therefore lose their job.