Guide:- Rage Nightmare Difficulty

Here is our quick guide for anyone playing Rage to use as a “cheat sheet”.

It’s aimed at those playing Rage on “Nightmare” difficulty but, of course, it’s guidance is applicable to anyone who plays Rage at any difficulty.

As ever, for any guide written by me, it is spoiler free, as far as I can make it, and is not a walk-through. I insist on not spoiling the user experience.

OK, introductions over, let’s get to the good stuff!

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shadowwizard2752d ago

Nightmare difficulty was joke + defib. made game so easy, I was expecting little bit more from ID, I still remember how many times I died in Doom 3 on Highest difficulty...

Letros2752d ago

I agree, I rolled through nightmare rarely dying, when I did, the defib made it way too easy.

Raxous2752d ago

I would tend to agree. I think "Nightmare" was probably a little too easy for experienced gamers. Having said that if you were a newer gamer it could have seemed very tough indeed. Specially the Mutant Bash TV section. I guess it depends what type of game you play. FPS expert = easy. RPG gamer = tough.