DC Universe Online: PC & PS3 X Platform Play Addressed

Sony’s first attempt at a console based MMO didn’t receive the mass adaptation when it was launched earlier this year. As DC Universe Online fought hard to survive, some issues plaguing the gameplay prompted complaints from gamers and a number of post launch patches. The biggest change to DC Universe Online is SOE's switch to the free-to-play platform. Now that DC Universe’s gameplay has been polished and perfected, the free-to-play launch is underway. And according to the numbers it’s already a success.

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gaden_malak2564d ago

Struggled? I thought it did well?

ECM0NEY2564d ago

It was a ghost town even after the server merge. Mostly do to cheating, exploiting, and hacking.

Bolts2564d ago

This game sold well at first but when people realized how horribly buggy and devoid of content it is the population started leaving in droves. Just another piss poor execution by SoE, and the fact that it was a multiplat MMO just compounded their problems. The PC struggled with hacks and exploits, while the PS3 constantly fought memory and crash issues.

ECM0NEY2564d ago Show
Kamikaze1352564d ago


I guess the concept took a front seat while the nuts and bolts that hold an MMO together were an after thought.

BitbyDeath2564d ago

@ECM0NEY, you cancelled your sub as soon as it turned free? :-s

ECM0NEY2564d ago

I canceled my sub bc its almost impossible to even login currently.

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Magic_Spatula2564d ago

Yea, this game is being handled horribly. Still has a ton of bugs from beta that still haven't been fixed. Their forums are filled with complaints since the F2P launch. My sub expired already, and with all the issues I've been reading about on their forums. I won't be re-subbing for awhile.


Dude I've been on since the Beta and almost all bugs have been addressed which is insane for an MMO...last time I check WOW still has bugs. The F2P is a problem for paying members but what do you expect when the community goes from 30k to 330k over night. SOE had no idea it was going to be this big of a jump and they are scrammbling to fix this and like all of the other previous issue it will get resolved.

Keep in mind people the game has not even been out a year and it's already had tons of added content, expansions and new raids, dualing, auction house and tons of other stuff so the game is well on it's way.

Magic_Spatula2564d ago

It's always expected (or at least it should be) that there would be a population spike when a game goes F2P. Sony has 10+ years experience with MMOs, and have made their previous MMOs F2P. They should've expected the massive population spike. Especially for an MMO based on a very established franchise like the DC Universe. I'm pretty sure they went through crap like this with EQ and EQ2. Should've been expected and should've been well prepared.

fourthpersonview2564d ago

At the very least, they should allow you to play a single account for both PC & PS3.

antz11042564d ago

For a F2P game Im vastly enjoying it.