Gaming, A Serious Hobby Or Just A Waste Of Time?

"Technology. It is the fuel that drives our modern world. And one vital component of this fuel is gaming. Now, no house is complete without at least one console; may it be a PlayStation 3, an Xbox 360 or even a PC. Although we may not see it, gaming has been playing a substantial role in our lives since its inception back in the 70s. Since then, gaming has influenced politics, Hollywood, music and even our day-to-day lives. Gone are the days when games consisted of collecting coins while jumping over blocks and eating mushrooms."

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ATi_Elite2754d ago

Some people make 100's of thousands of dollars playing games. S.Korea's most popular person is some Starcraft 2 champion.

Gaming can be leisure, serious hobby, or a straight up job.

it all depends on the person.

FunkMcnasty2754d ago

Ill admit that I did not read the article simply based on the headline: gaming: a serious hobby, or just a waste of time?" Why pick on gaming? No hobby is a "waste of time" in my opinion. Hobbies are our preferred ways to pass the time. Why not write an article called "Reading books: a serious hobby or just a waste of time?"

Spenok2753d ago

While a fully agree with that you are saying, i suggest reading the article. Its very short and pretty much the exact opposite of what you gathered from the title.

I think gaming is used as the example since it is so often put in front of the gun. It is currently the thing that the mainstream can blame things on. While complete BS in my opinion, i just think that may be why you see it as the headline... oh and another reason is maybe because were on a gaming site? Lol xD

Canary2754d ago

All hobbies can be construed as a waste of time. That's kind of what the concept, you know, MEANS.

Whether or not someone gains any productive knowledge or experience from ANY hobby is more dependent on the individual than on the hobby itself.

From gaming to fishing to hiking to stamp-collecting to dancing to downloading terabytes and terabytes of porn.

Hicken2754d ago

I think gaming is a hobby than can waste some serious time.

Not that I mind. I love gaming.

Game3s2754d ago

I think gaming is just like playing a game like sports, football, baseball,tennis, golf and etc, if it is a waste of time then i guess these sports are also a waste of time right?

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