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Japan excited about PS3 games: Four of Famitsu top 10 most wanted on PS3

The PS3 has received another boost in its homeland, after four PS3 games featured in the top ten most wanted games in Famitsu. Although it was DS game Dragon Quest IX that took top spot, it was trailed home by Final Fantasy XIII, Resident Evil 5 and Metal Gear Solid 4 in second, third and fourth respectively.

These were joined by the PS3 version of Devil May Cry 4 in ninth spot, with The Last Remnant (14), White Knight Story (15) and Final Fantasy Versus XIII (18) also making appearances in the top 20.

By contrast, the Wii and 360 could only manage one game each in the top ten. Smash Bros Brawl was fifth, while Mistwalker's Lost Odyssey came in seventh. Monster Hunter 3 (Wii) finished 11th. Even the usually dominant handhelds have been shown up somewhat: the usually rampant DS managed four entries in the top ten, while the PSP had but one game in the top 20.

Whether this will translate into a huge increase in sales is open to debate, however. The chart itself is compiled using votes cast by Famitsu's readers rather than taking a representative cross section of the games market itself. On the whole though, it seems things are on the up for the PS3 in Japan, which will keep its fans happy. Or at least, give people on forums more stuff to argue about.

Here's the top 20 in full (with the number of votes cast in brackets):

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Real gamer 4 life3983d ago

I think that the ps3 will beat the wii in japan. especially with the 08 line up. ff13 and versus are going to be huge in japan. those two game are bigger then any other game in japan.

sonarus3983d ago

This is old news. Ps3 games have always been reigned on famitsu's most wanted. Monster hunter ps3 used to be top 5 but now that its gone to wii look where it finds itself

xionpunk3983d ago

yeah , FFXIII is an oncoming freight train. That game will sell PS3's like crazy. Can't wait for it!!

HarryEtTubMan3983d ago

Just because the PS3 was released last doesnt mean sales dont count until ALL 3 CONSOLES ARE FINISHED selling worldwide. PS3 will win in the end. Thi really is only the beginning.

PS3PCFTW3982d ago (Edited 3982d ago )

JUst look at my handle.

Nothing else matters. not the haters with their ridiculous comments, not the fanboys with their praise.

Playstation Has always been a runaway train, SMASHING through everything in its path. The wheels are rolling now and the train is Unstoppable, so either get on the train or get left behind.
----------------------------- ------------------------------- -----

to all the people who say : "WHO CARES?".........u guys obviously do care, otherwise you wouldnt have taken the time to read the article and THEN POST ON IT.

socsca3982d ago

Why? Do you work for Sony?

xionpunk3981d ago

@ socsca:
what? All I was saying is that FFXIII is loved so much that it will move an ass load of consoles. And I like FF and playstation. No I dont work for Sony, though that would be pretty sweet...

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lynx1halo3983d ago

The Wii was simply just a FAD...and its true colors are beginning to show....First PS3 will own in Japan...and then on to the rest of the world

Genuine3983d ago

Who cares? Most Japanese games are too convaluted and plain weird for my tastes. I'm looking at you Kojima.

Skerj3983d ago

That's why I love them, convolution is in the eye of the beholder.

lonestarmt3983d ago

I think american games are all the same, dumb, lack character development, art design, and innovation so what?? Some people care and thats why this is posted.

beoulve3983d ago

just go play your wolfenstein 3d and you'll be happy.

wil4hire3983d ago

More ignorant Americans. Wonder what system you own.

ravinash3983d ago

They know how to make good games.
They make some pretty good movies too.

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jack who3983d ago

out of the four two are also on the 360..

dhammalama3983d ago

But the 360 doesn't matter in japan. It shows in the sales of DW6.

Danja3983d ago

but umm which console will sell more copies of those games...and which consoles are Japanese accustomed to playing those games on..?

resistance1003983d ago

Yes they are however, the ps3 version's are the ones which have the votes

kurochi3983d ago

The proverbial "Flood-Gates" are open for the influx of potential PS3 buyers in 2008. X-boys and Wii-boys are starting to feel the pressure. Let's just see how this plays out before any flame-wars ignite. After all, it's good to us that all consoles do well. Competition breeds innovation. If it wasn't for PS1, we'd still be stuck with the Nintendo cartridges. PS2 further pushed that envelope and out came xbox and xbox 360. After the 360 is the PS3 and Wii. This is a good time to be a gamer. Why waste it on flame-wars?