Xbox 360 passes 57 million units worldwide

Almost 6 years after its launch, Microsoft continues to sell millions of Xbox 360s every quarter. Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb tweeted that the Xbox 360 crossed 57 million systems sold worldwide.

Microsoft is pushing to add to that this holiday season, with various new hardware bundles. Gears of War 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 already have their bundles, and next year's Star Wars Kinect will see the release of a R2-D2-styled console.

Microsoft's latest tally put the Xbox 360 slightly ahead of the PlayStation 3, with Sony reporting lifetime sales of 55.5 million units worldwide, but Nintendo sits at 89 million units sold worldwide.

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Laxman2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Xbox 360.

EVILDEAD3602752d ago

So basically 60 Million+ in early January and upwards of 7- Million by the time 72- arrives in 2013.

Clearly equals success this gen for Micrsoft.


Laxman2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

I think everyone has had a great success this generation. Sure, not the PS3 hasn't gotten as many sales as the PS2 did, but for its price, its done excellent.

NegativeCreep4272752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

and with them launching a year ahead of Sony this gen, it's no surprise they post positive figures now.

@ Disagreers

Did anything I post before was wrong, inaccurate, or frivolous???

Respond now, or forever hold your blind fanboyism!

Too_many_games2752d ago


i would not call the original Xbox a failing by any means. it finished 2nd last gen ahead of Nintendo...if you consider beating Nintendo on your first outing in the console business a failing then i guess both PS3 and 360 have failed this gen as well.

ApplEaglElephant2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

for drastically shifting focus from hardcore to casuals.

More reason for them to focus more on casuals and even less on hardcore games(exclusives and etc.)

gaden_malak2752d ago

Lol, nintendo with its much more sold console pushed hardcore to casual. Microsoft just went along for the ride.

Skip_Bayless2752d ago

Nope Xbox and Gamecube wet basically third place because they both did so poorly compared to PS2. Xbox was a $4 billion loss and Gamecube made a little money. At the end of the day it's about money and marketshare.

Biggest2752d ago

Both the Xbox and Gamecube failed hard. They both ended much like the Dreamcast. Games stopped. Sales stopped. Everything stopped.

Both the 360 and Wii have not failed at all. People bought them. The companies continue to support them. Win for everyone.

ufo8mycat2752d ago

Success in sales thats it.

Where are the games? Gears 3....hmmm
Not much success on the games front. In fact on the games front, worse then last generation.

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princejb1342752d ago

congrats microsoft, keep up the good work

Tanir2752d ago ShowReplies(4)
BlindGuardian2752d ago ShowReplies(4)
showtimefolks2752d ago

Unlike last gen this time around all 3 home console makers have had success. Sure people look at ps3 as a failure but if you look at it just from software standpoint there is not another console over wthe last 3-4 years with mire blockbuster games

Than there is MS who kind of failed last gen even though the original xbox in my opinion was a great system and more powerful than any other at the time but Sony was on with ps2

Wii has had the most success but now that their gimmick has died down we don't see the godly numbers of sakes any more

Competition is great to move this industry forward.

Each system also has made huge mistakes

Ps3 with huge price point,bad psn setup early on and that online breach,but Sony did make it up to us by giving us a lot of free stuff so as long as they learned from it I am fine by it

Xbox360 I don't think we can look past that RROD knowing that MS knew about it but they wanted to be 1st out in the market so they let it happen but than they did offer people warrant so all in all it was a learning experience that cost them billions

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kreate2752d ago

so ...

xbox 360 - 57m
sony - 55.5m
nintendo - 89m

these are the correct numbers?

princejb1342752d ago

according to gamespot yes

kulex472752d ago

so ...

xbox 360 - 57m
sony - 55.5m
nintendo - 89m

these are the correct numbers?
vs VGChartz
xbox 360 - 57.1m
sony 54.3
nintendo 88.8m

Hmmm, do any of these numbers seem ever so slightly skewed??? hmmm

EVILDEAD3602752d ago

VG Chartz is sold...the announced numbers are shipped

vsr2751d ago

How the xbox360 sold > shipped ??? rrod counted twice ???

HurstDarkStar2752d ago

I understand this is n4g but could someone explain to me why they dont think the wii WILL hit the 90mil mark before Christmas? congrats to 360 though, looking back from last gen i didn't think it would last this long but my how things got turned upside down this gen

Chuk52752d ago

I feel people don't give MS enough props. This is only their second console and their first console bombed. Nintendo has had several consoles the new the market in and out and this is sony's third successful console. MS did a superb job this gen despite that fact that blind fanboys will disagree.

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