New possible box art revealed for Borderlands 2

Amazon has revealed a new possible box art for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Borderlands 2.

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Kamikaze1352590d ago

I wish the cover was at least as creative as the first one.

thrasherv32590d ago

Already confirmed by Gearbox that this is NOT the final artwork. Which seemed obvious to me the first time I saw it. I don't think they would emphasize one playable character over the others.

Blacktric2590d ago

Of course it's not. They wouldn't show just the Gunzerker class on cover when there are at least 3 other classes that haven't been announced yet. It's obviously a fancier placeholder art until they reveal all playable classes or find a better fitting art like the one first Borderlands had.

GoldenPheasant2590d ago

sharpshooter support please!!!! oh god! *starts to cry*

I just got the GOTY ed. from gamestop for 19.99, with all DLC on disc. To say that's a deal is my understatement of the month.

Resistance2590d ago

The game of the year edition on steam was 7 bucks a few weeks back lol. Such an awesome game though xD

CanadianTurtle2590d ago

The cover for the first game was an outstanding piece of art. I think its very hard to top. But either way, its the game that counts. A nice looking cover is just a bonus :)

Borderlands 1 was the best co op experience I've had this generation of gaming. I'm sure BL2 won't disappoint.

ironfist922589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

The cover needs be as creative and wacky as the first. A Bandit shooting his head with fingers, and spraying images of the game.

How would you top that? Maybe a Bandit pissing on the ground, and the piss puddle shows images of the game?