Man, Uncharted 3 Can Be a Real D**k Sometimes

Kotaku: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has grace and class, wit and good humor, and a generally jovial demeanor. It's a fun game, too. But underneath its movie star good-looks and affable personality, this game has teeth.

Most of the lengthy single-player campaign is a well-paced, breezy adventure full of snappy writing and lovely visuals. But occasionally, Uncharted 3 will throw up an absolutely brutal difficulty spike. It's a problem. A previously empty room will suddenly be bristling with armed enemies as reinforcements streaming in from every corner, grenades flying rom every corner of the room. Sniper fire, rockets, and tank-like heavy soldiers mete out some serious punishment.

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jc485732753d ago

yea, it does get chaotic sometimes, but I forgive them.

Thatguy-3102753d ago

I totally agree with this article lol I get so pisses off at times when I die constantly especially since I started playing in hard. Enjoying it though and multiplayer kicks so much ass !!!!

milohighclub2752d ago

Just going through it again on crushing, I'm already dreading those bits...

MysticStrummer2753d ago

lol If UC3 seems too difficult at times, Dark Souls must make them cry and soil their boxer shorts. It's sad what passes for a gamer these days.

Miths2753d ago

Some people play games to be challenged, others play them - particularly the very cinematic and story heavy ones like Uncharted - for the adventure.

I've been a gamer since I got my first Commodore 64 back in the mid 80s, but there have been preciously few games (outside a select few genres, such as racing games and certain RPGs) I've played for the gameplay challenge they presented.

MysticStrummer2753d ago

I've been gaming since before the Atari 2600, and this generation Normal difficulty is like Easy was in the past. I finished UC3 yesterday and to me it's comical that any website associated with gaming would complain about it's toughness. I like adventure and challenge in my gaming. What is an adventure without challenge anyway?

Me-Time2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I'm the adventurous type.

Long walks on the beach. A glass of Chardonay before and during bed.

I hate trophies/achievements. I love playing.
I agree with you. I've always stopped playing games before I beat them. With GT5, I'm still interested and I haven't even completed 50% of it.

MGS4 I couldn't complete because I was stuck for days on the last real mission trying to get passed the Geckos. I ended up beating it over a year later in a couple hours, not including cut scenes.


Normal today is definitely the Easy of the past.

milohighclub2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

@mysticstrummer It's sad some people are aloud to reproduce these days, but it happens and we get annoying twats like you.

floetry1012753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

The difficulty spikes in this are some of the cheapest in the whole series. The boat yard and cruise ship on 'hard' are tougher than anything in Uncharted 2's crushing difficulty.

Like seriously Naughty Dog? It's like hey, did you enjoy those big armoured goons? Well here are some bigger armoured goons for you, because we know you much you LOVE bullet sponge enemies. Waves and waves of them come at you in the same way they did in Uncharted 1, only this time around, cover is sketchy, dodge rolling into or away from cover is rendered useless due to unflinching tank men, brawls are cool when they don't last more than a few seconds because they'll inevitably get you killed in tight spots and for some reason they thought it would be fun rather than tedious.

If not for the story, I probably wouldn't be playing this game. I'm ready for the disagrees to pile in, but I'm seriously not having any fun with the gameplay in this. Massive step back from Uncharted 2. Thank God for good writing.

zero_gamer2753d ago

Ugh, I am playing my first playthrough on hard and I am currently in this precise area. The big armored goons are the sole reason why it's so competitive. The rest of the game prior to it is quite easy. I think playing the game on hard was a mistake but I did it on UC2 and that was a cakewalk. Whatever, I still love the game though.

floetry1012753d ago

Don't get me wrong though, I still think the game is solid, but they've brought back problems I associated with the first game, which is inexcusable. Obviously it's going to be a huge effort just to top UC2, so I wasn't really expecting that. It's just that they've gone with technical prowess over functionality.

sashimi2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Its not really that hard..there ways to make it i don't know stealth? and those brutes aren't all that hard, head shot em nade em 2 shot em with magnum,hammer,sniper rifle.

The boat yard - stealth half or more of the enemies then depending on how you wanna kill the rest, there are about 2-3 hammers/2 RPGs/1-2 sniper rifles spread out to make things even easier.

Started on hard then went onto crushing then I'm going to replay again on normal to mess around with different guns and just generally playing however i want and enjoying the game again.

cruise ship - samething except less stealth and more cover.

Magnum..sidearm of choice for brutes and armored folks and anything else

Shotgun can be extremely effective if used correctly with cover,it can and will own brutes and everyone else.

Game isn't hard folks, even on crushing. Its just the way you go about it,and not letting mobs flank you and using cover effectively.

Started the game on hard then went to crushing now onto normal so i can just play however i want and cleaning up all the treasures and some trophies i missed.

MysticStrummer2753d ago

Exactly. They give you the weapons to handle it. If you still can't handle it, that's on you.

ginsunuva2753d ago

Just get on top of crates and jump-slam them.

TKCMuzzer2753d ago

I just completed it on hard. The sections you are talking about only took about 3 or 4 attempts. The idea is to play through on normal first so you are aware of what's coming.
To be honest I found it easier than I thought it was going to be. I will be attempting it on crushing though, so that might get interesting.

P_Bomb2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

People playing on hard complaining it's hard? I just got to the desert in Crushing. It's perfectly doable.

In the boat, stay under the stairs for the first wave. When you die in wave 2 you'll always spawn across the room by the stage.Take out the grenade launcher/snipers asap from the left flank by the second stairs' cover to start wave 2 then throw down some 'nades to choke the middle stairs and cover your retreat. Run back to the crates by the stage & beat the slow armor guys from afar. Wave 3 is easy. They don't trigger for a bit so grab the fallen grenade launcher from the middle stairs and turn around to grenade spam 'em as they break in the door on your left.

The gameplay is the same as the other games. Just have patience in cover & blindfire if you're pinned. Same exact formula.

Learning to throw back grenades is 1 of the 2 new elements. For fist fights, on normal difficulty the game tells you when to press triangle and circle to counter a la Batman. On crushing there are no prompts. I'd suggest having fun on normal and practicing the new elements instead of trying to do too much at once. Crushing unlocks on any difficulty completion this time, even very easy.

zero_gamer2753d ago

I completed it. How I did it, try taking out the guy in the back with the turret by walking to him. You venture across the crates on the right side of the shipyard and you then climb up to the turret's location and you can easily take him down. That is one headache off your back.

Then use the turret to your advantage for some of the baddies, but watch out for the baddies that will be appearing behind you and taking you into some brutal action. On top of some boats you will find some powerful weapons like the hammer or the Dragon snipers. These would take out the brutals easily.

Unfortunately using a web comment as a medium can be difficult for me to convey any strategic help because I am trying to write some of the game area into words. You might want to try YouTube for any video walkthroughs for this area thus you can mimick some strategies to your advantage.

Hard part or not it's all about having fun.

xenophage2753d ago

Completely agree. Death just feels cheap especially when some dude spawns behind you right out of thin air.

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Miths2753d ago

While I think it's overall an amazing game (and the most impressive 3D game yet), even just half way through the singleplayer campaign I'm already dreading those clusterf*** shootouts I now know are coming up every once in a while.

Since I've been playing on easy because I knew right from the start that I wanted the cinematic experience with minimum frustration, I haven't been in any really difficult battles yet, but I do find the large ones to be far too chaotic and clumsy to be really fun.
They feel frenetic rather than measured and tactical (as I would expect from most cover based shooters), so for me they're mostly an annoyance to get through as quickly as possible so I can continue the adventure.

Also, while I think the new melee system is a welcome addition, it also feels a bit lackluster after spending some time playing Arkham City. And yes, I know Drake isn't quite Batman :), but the whole counter attack system in UC3 just isn't as fun as in Arkham City.

floetry1012753d ago

I totally agree with the brawling system. It's great fun when you and EVERY enemy wants to fight hand to hand, but if you're forced into a brawl during a fire fight, it'll get you killed almost every time. You can't even properly back out of one if you need to.

P_Bomb2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Don't start a fist fight out in the open during a fire fight. Eg, the electrical transformer roof in 'one shot at this'. When you're flanked by everyone packing heat, starting a fist fight will smoke you just the same as in Batman Arkham City.

You can still do the UC1/UC2 Steel Fist move too (shoot them first from the hip then hit melee for an instant finisher). Good for when there's no cover or you're in a hurry. One hit melee kill on normal enemies.

TheBlackMask2753d ago

The thing which bugs me is the AI

Is it too good or is it just bad?....I just can't tell

It feels like U2 crushing mode at times....on normal

Oh and having the AI where the agents run up too you, like charge ahead so they can get behind you is annoying.....the whole point of a cover system is so you can have a shoot out. If theres like 7 guys at once and all of them run towards you, plus one of them is an armored guy, you dead.....totaly dead because they just surround you and shoot the crap out of you

Miths2753d ago

I guess in a real world scenario an enemy with superior numbers would indeed simply outflank you, rather than group together on the opposite side of a field while you and them pop out of cover to take potshots at each other.

But in a real world scenario no "hero" (one man army) would survive to kill hundreds of opponents. Barring a stroke of luck chances are he - and his few companions - would probably be dead the first time they were outnumbered two to one. Hell, he might even be taken out before going into combat for the first time.

This is a game however, and UC3 definitely doesn't feel like it's conforming particularly well to the typical expectations of a cover based combat system.

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