TLR: Gears of War 3: Horde Command Pack Review

Vex of TLR writes "Epic issued a statement explaining the reason why the content is on the disc, which to me sounded like the usual don’t piss off the fans explanation. But to their credit Epic is giving away two maps Swamp and Clocktower. "

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DeathAvengers2755d ago

DLC looks pretty good, don't know why everyone's complaining. "OMG IT WAS ON THE DISC ALL ALONG!". So what?

GameOn2755d ago

That doesn't bother me as much as people getting the maps free when I paid for them.

DeathAvengers2755d ago

I think the reason Epic is doing that is so you can play public VS with those maps.

jetlian2755d ago

so we paid 10 for skins and a few fortifications.