Editorial: Would You Ditch Physical If Digital Was Cheaper?

A great many people say they want to keep physical media for the sake of their collections, but would they change their minds if digital copies were a lot cheaper?

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christheredhead2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

im sure many would. i would go the digital only route if it was less than a physical copy. for us console owners though thats from the truth. old games that can be picked up for 20 dollars or less get put on the store for full price or maybe 40. sort of defeats the purpose.

jadenkorri2590d ago

prob with digital is that you can't sell those games, unless you sell them all on the one account or create an account for every game you download. I like physical cause i know i can trade it in. I don't understand why video game developers complain so much about the used market. Every product out their has a used market and the only one i see complaining the most is the video game industry. No company has the right to tell us what to do with our copy, no matter how many stupid ULA they throw at us. If the video game industry gets away with what their trying to do to eliminate used sales. Next thing we know cant sell our iphones or our car.

jacksonmichael2592d ago

I'm not sure. I had intended to pick up a copy of Chrono Cross up until it was announced for PSN, so I suppose that is some evidence right there... I love having something on my bookshelves, though. Lol.

rabidpancakeburglar2592d ago

No. With physical copies I feel more secure in my ownership of a game.

SOD_Delta2592d ago

I would. I like digital. It's fast and easy.

Crazyglues2590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

I would too if it was a lot cheaper..

-but since that's never going to happen I'll just keep getting the Disc, at least then I can actually sell the sucka, if I so call choose to do so..

Options, I like options..


Pikajew2590d ago

I like both. With digital all I have to do is a simple click and I can play a game.

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