Uncharted 3 Playstation.Community Review

The Uncharted 3 review from the Hungarian PlayStation Insiders.

The translation is far from perfect,but it is understandable...

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banjadude2541d ago

This is the first game where I skipped single player to play multiplayer entirely (NOT that there is anything wrong with UC3's single player). I'm just having a total blast playing co-op story missions.

Beasting it out on hard to crushing mode!

XtreemGamer2541d ago

Yeah,the multiplayer is great!

Jonah_Reese2541d ago

Also played it on Hard mode earlier. It's INSANE! I'm only on like chapter 9. More than likely going to jump into MP later today, loved the beta and the Subway promo. I cannot fathom how anyone can even imply that Uncharted 3 is a bad game or average (I'm not talking about those 4/5:8/10 scores). But hey to each his/her own.

supremacy2540d ago

This is now starting to feel like a marathon. All these perfects back to back. I like it.