Sony Decides To Limit Game Sharing To 2 Activated Systems. What we think about it.

GIR discusses Sony's latest move to combat piracy. Guess what? It sucks.

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jacksonmichael2759d ago

So uh... Those of us with a PS3, PSP and Vita will have to chose two? Lol. That... almost makes sense...?

agentxk2759d ago

That is if all PSP content works on the Vita...

Dante1122759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Atleast we'll be able to deactivate consoles/accounts online now with their new management system. Also it's limit is two PS3 and two handhelds (PSP/Vita) according to the eu official playstation blog.

Edit: @ cgoodo Yeah, I agree with you cgoodo, so many people got so many free games, DLC, and content back then lol. Sony even tried to tell them to stop sharing because people were taking over the givers account once in to get the DLC stuff. I never gameshared because of that. Guess the free ride is over, huh.

DarkBlood2759d ago

im from canada but you say we can do it on the deactivate on the website now?

thank god for that since im hard of hearing with implant

2759d ago
PS3ROCKS2759d ago

I only have 2 left anyway

Christopher2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

Guess what else sucks? Abusing a system put in place to give users more freedom over where they can use their PSN content. I do hope with thus change, though, they look to removing the need to format a PS3 HDD before being able to use it in a specific device. Would make moving from a crashed PS3 to a new one much easier if you could just swap the HDDs.

Rushing_Punch2759d ago

Sounds like a cop out to make people spend more

CarlosX3602759d ago

It is. I'm not happy.

This limitation is just crazy.

Makes me think twice about even considering buying games from PSN anymore.

What's worse is that I feel sorry for those who spent 60 or more for games in there.

MrBeatdown2759d ago


Allowing you to activate two PS3s so that anyone playing on the systems can use the content, and allowing you to play any of that content from any other systems while logged in is really that bad? How exactly is that "crazy"?

It seems more than fair to me.

Buuhan12759d ago

This is stupid and Sony can choke on it.

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