Mobile Gaming: The Way Of The Future

The entire mobile gaming industry is something that big-box developers and hardcore gamers would probably rather just ignore. When games like Angry Birds hit the market, they seem innocuous and cute at first, but when they turn around and sell half a billion copies, the gaming industry finally listens. Unfortunately for hardware developers like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, the mobile gaming industry is just starting to hit its stride, which means that there's very little chance of it fizzling any time soon. In fact, many industry analysts are predicting a gigantic boom in the very near future, which should make any company that targets casual gamers, a la Nintendo's, extremely nervous.

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VampiricDragon2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

The 3ds sales are lackluster?>

You mean how they are faster than any nintendo handheld ever?

You mean how in the financials thats the brightspot?

You mean a marketshare figure, that in reality doesnt mean anything, and no one uses?

Whats the market share of pc's in the wild vs systems? Doesnt matter

generalizations, half truths, and lies.

Another mobile is taking over article.