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Mere moments after finishing Uncharted 3 I was tweeting, “the perfect ending to the perfect game”, and then I restarted a New+ game at the harder difficulty level. I couldn’t wait to get back in there and experience the adventure all over again and find some of those elusive treasures that slipped by the first time. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is the perfect symphony of interactive, cinematic, action-adventure; a crowning achievement in game design so amazing I want to replay the entire series from the beginning. This is the adventure of a lifetime and definitely a contender for Game of the Year.

GamePlay: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 10/10
Value: 10/10
Final Score: 10/10

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WayneKerr2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Broken controls
Forgetable multiplayer


The review system is broken and abused.

Pintheshadows2592d ago

I see why you have your name. And Mr Blobby? Really?

2591d ago
MaxXAttaxX2592d ago

Broken controls?
- Uncharted has incredibly responsive and fluid controls and animations.

Forgettable multiplayer?
- It improves on nearly every aspect from UC2.
With new modes and objectives, customizeable options, weapon upgrades, co-op, etc.

The only thing that's broken here is the bubble system. You have 1 yet you're still trolling.

2592d ago
MaxXAttaxX2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

GTFO the Uncharted 3 articles.
New modes, objectives, customizable options, weapon upgreades, better co-op, split-screen, among other things, are great additions to an already well balanced, solid and fun multipayer. Don't be Jelly.

Troll harder next time.

christoph2032592d ago

this game isnt a 10/10.. i completed earlier.. Honestly.. if you liked the other 2 uncharted games this one is a let down.. The reviews arnt arcurate.. The game starts of strong, but the story isnt as good as the last 2, specialy with the rubbish twist at the end.. play the game fully before making assumtions or following the crowd

MysticStrummer2592d ago

Your opinion = Your opinion. I liked the whole series, but for me UC3 is the best one. I felt the game started strong, went into some More of the Same territory, then finished very strongly. I agree that it's not a perfect 10, because no game is, but it's an amazing experience... wait for it... in my opinion. Dark Souls is still my GotY though.

christoph2032592d ago

So u thought the ending was good and didnt at all feel similar too the ending of uncharted 2 with the city..?

rob60212592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Initially after I completed the game I felt 2 was a little better in some areas, but since then I've gone back to the game; revisited some of the areas and now I definitely think it is better than 2. It just seems nostalgia wins out sometimes, but when you really go back and look at the game in depth you'll see how much of an improvement 3 is. The multiplayer is a good improvement too, very deep. I don't think either of the last two have ended (the 2nd half of the game) as well as they began.

stevenhiggster2592d ago

Imho it is the worst of the 3 games, don't get me wrong it's still a great game but not as good as UC1+2.

PR_FROM_OHIO2592d ago

Did u really play UC3 bc it doesn't start off strong at all actually it starts kinda slow for an Uncharted game but when it gets going towards the middle of the game Damn is it epic so idk what you are talking about!!!

MaxXAttaxX2592d ago

I loved the first 2 games and this one was better.

You can't use your opinion to generalize how everyone will feel about it.

And if you thought the ending was exactly the same as UC2's then you obviously missed some key story pieces there. You' re judging it simply by the very last cutscene and ignoring the rest? lol

I played the full game twice already, so that's just your opinion and it's rubbish.

2592d ago
MaxXAttaxX2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

He used his opinion to generalize how every fan should feel about the game compared to the first 2. Which is something I didn't do.
Judging the game's ending based on similarities from the very last cutscene alone instead of the story as a whole was rubbish, IN MY OPINION.

GTFO the Uncharted 3 articles and quit trolling.

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P_Bomb2592d ago

I disagree as well. Started strong then dialed it in a bit, but once you hit the stunning Yemen Arabia, the last half really hits its strides and easily matches or bests the last half of Uncharted 2. The chase, the boats, the plane, the horses, much more variety than just the Himalayas.

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