Saints Row: The Third preorders 4x Saints Row 2's

In a quarterly earnings conference, THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell revealed that Saints Row: The Third currently has four times the preorders Saints Row 2 had two weeks prior to its launch.

While Saints Row: The Third is quadrupling the preorder pace of its predecessor, THQ isn't expecting it to quadruple sales right away. THQ expects to ship more than 3 million copies of Saints Row: The Third before the March 2012 end of the fiscal year.

Saint's Row: The Third is set for release on November 15th, for the PC, PS3, and the Xbox 360.

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ninjaman9992566d ago

The game looks utterly brilliant so no wonder :D
Cant wait for it to release cause this is a title worth screaming like a little girl for :D

Reborn2566d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't that the same date as AC: Rev?

BiggCMan2566d ago

Yea, and I can't get either of them right away!! Too much SH!T!! SO LITTLE TIME!!

TopDudeMan2566d ago

Of course it's gonna sell better. It has a trailer with a kanye west song in the background.

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