9 early Modern Warfare 3 videos show AC-130s, snipers and Spec Ops

SystemLink: "With Modern Warfare 3 smacking you right in the eyeballs in 3 days, some lucky early owners have taken to YouTube to upload their gameplay highlights, which usually include getting a whole bunch of sniper rifle kills in a row. Something call 'quick scoping' - it must be a new fad..."

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Avernus2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

They won't even change the way the AC 130 looks. Guns sound like toys, Sniper rifles are so easy to use my father was using and getting kills with it in 25 min of playing (though with ACOG).

People say MW 2.5? More like 2.1. Was trying to like it, but it feels old within an hour of playing. Nearly every lobby is filled with Quickscopers looking for their 360 no scope double y ladder jump shot. Sad state.


Disagree all you want. It's the same game you've been playing for the past 2 years. New perks, Prestige shop, and some other little stuff makes this a polished up turd. I'm giving my copy to my brother.

Takoulya2751d ago

I understand your feelings, but why do you, and so many other people of the community, take it so personally? I like realistic shooters as well, but what's wrong in a little fun? If your dad was getting kills within 25 minutes, isn't it good that the game lets many people enter the video gaming environment? I may or may not be getting MW3, as I'm currently undecided, but I see nothing wrong with a game that lets you jump in on the action quickly and keep you there rather than making you frustrated with extremely high respawn waiting times.

Avernus2751d ago

Yip...until you run into a full party of snipers. You run up on one of them with an SMG, and they quickscope your ass. Sounds fun indeed. If you want that, hey feel free.

I'm not bashing anyone who gets it. You'll do that to yourself within a week.

Takoulya2751d ago

Trust me, I'm had terrible run ins with CoD games, buying WaW and Black Ops, but the hate on it is quite exaggerated, although not entirely undeserved. When you run into a full party of snipers, just leave. That's the magic of the CoD playerbase. Your in another game in 20 seconds flat.

jdktech20102751d ago

Exactly....this is the one game where I don't care about winning percentage (because no one else does) and I have no qualms about leaving any game at any time if frustration sets in.....

Furesis2751d ago

60 euros is alot of money for game that doesn't add alot atleast lower the price like 30 or less isn't that what street fighter did

Xenial2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

I was thinking if i should pick up this or BF3 on Friday because that's when Skyrim comes out and i wanted my dose of FPS. I decided on BF3. Im disappointed in what i've seen of MW3 so far.