GTA V: Rockstar promises 'bold new direction'

Keith Stuart: Rockstar has released some teasing details about Grand Theft Auto V, following the launch of the first game trailer on Wednesday. The company confirmed that the title is in full production at the Rockstar North studio where all the home console versions have been designed since GTA III.

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-Alpha2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Good. Some of the formula is getting too old. For one, I'd like some missions to be able to be failed, leading to branching storylines.

But more than anything, I just want them to bring back that... that magic.

Tyler Durden2758d ago

Las Ventras better be there.

irepbtown2757d ago

Yeah, so not just redoing them every time you fail.
Failing having a consequence, I like that.

One thing no-one seems to talk about are BMXs, it has to return. Imagine just riding a bike online, something simple that would be awesome.

brianleppez2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I loved the direction in GTA IV! In my personal opinion, I think a direction like Saints Row the Third's where everything is chaotic and without control is not going to fly by with GTA V. The mature setting, storytelling, and overall direction in GTA IV is what gave such great reviews. Video games matured and so did GTA IV.

If they're going to give the player chainsaws, explosives and the crazy weapons and vehicles present in San Andreas and Vice City. Please do so without compromising the overall story and mood. Because in my opinion, GTA IV had a great, GREAT story

Skip_Bayless2757d ago

New direction is making it PC, PS3, and Wii U only. Xbox 360 is holding game development behind. You can still make fun games on 360 but technology wise it's holding everything back.

SneeringImperialist2757d ago

@John Madden Say if you were to eliminate xbox 360 from the equation wouldnt the ps3 eventually be branded as holding the Wii U and PC back being the inferior (by the looks of the wii's specs) of the 3? then the same would happen to the Wii.

fooltheman2756d ago

@ brainleppez

But thet shouldn't make a depressing story like the one niko bellic had.
Gta: SA had a serious story too.

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princejb1342757d ago

i agree with you and I'm glad there doing this, i was planning to not pick this game up but that might change, if the promises end up been true

showtimefolks2757d ago

Yeh gta 5 needs that magic back. And some of you are are saying gta 4 was the best there is a reason even the reviewers felt after revving the game and giving it great scores that something was missing from that gta experience. And than some are saying play saints row well my thing is what sanst row is doing now was done in GTA VC and SA years back so RS have to find the perfect balance between serious and craziness. Bring back bmc bikes,planes,jet packs,buying selling property,cab missions,a lot of weapons to buy not just few like in gta 4

And if you don't think RS needs to change just play the DLC for GTA 4 where RS actually went back to some runs aspects

GTA 4 was a learning experience for RS to reinvent the wheel and they had huge success but now it's time for another

mastiffchild2757d ago

SAdly, no brave enough to do anything really interesting like leave the US. I really hoped they'd do the decent thing but they lost their balls in the imagination department. A Russian GTA? An Italian or African or Asian one? Sure! Another one blatantly to appease those who just want SA again? I'm not so sold.

I reaalise i'll get hate for saying it but, seriously, am i alone in thinking it would be amazing to see the series in a truly different cultural setting really pushing us as gamers and being more mature than ever(kin real terms and not blood and antics)? I REALLY wanted GTA Glasgow or Manchester but I understand that I'm possibly alone on that!

I'm a massive R* and GTA series fan but I just think the US and GTA have got old together and Moscow would have been brave, new and amazing choice we could all have been wildly excited over rather than just another revisiting of old stomping grounds with the slightest changes.

hiredhelp2756d ago

Aww. Good top down. GTA LONDON. Iagree another country be refreshing change.
Hell why not do it whete u take a trip to airport go to differnt destinations.

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ninjaman9992757d ago

If they add weapon customization, more narrative, crazy awesome situations, jet combat lol and find a way to make it less then 4 discs for the Xbox then we good lol :D
(The L.A. Noire Complete Edition is 3 discs so I assume since this game will be FAR bigger, it will be in the 4 disc range)

Marquis_de_Sade2757d ago

LA Noire uses up a lot of data because of the MotionScan technology used.

MasterCornholio2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

But it's still great tech to have though and the PS3 bluray can handle all that extra data. GTAV on 2 or 3 disks won't hurt the game at all. Just look at LA NOIRE that was a open world game on 2 disks and no one had any qualms about changing them.


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Laxman2757d ago

Weapon customisation in GTA would be terrible.

scotchmouth2756d ago

Would you care to elaborate on that? What exactly about it would be horrid? The player choice? The convenience of perhaps adding a scope on a weapon that doesn't normally have it? A suppressor allowing stealth kills which in turn provides an alternate way to approach a mission?

I'm starting to think you'd be hard pressed to explain why it would really be terrible.

ShiftyLookingCow2757d ago

It would be awesome if they have Vinewood parties with all kinds of look alike NPCs. I would love to blow up one.

AstroZombie12757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Give me GTA:SA re-made in HD with/without trophies/achievements and I'll pretend GTA:IV didn't happen.

Tenkin2756d ago

Get SA on pc and download the HD graphics mod

GunofthePatriots2757d ago

i agree with moving in a new direction but a whole new direction? can be risky. i got faith in rockstar

i hope it's not as "silly" as saints row 3.

mttrackmaster382757d ago

I agree. When I want crazy, super over-the-top stuff, I play Saints Row. I want Gta to stay in its new more serious direction.

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