5 Unannounced 3DS Games I Want From Nintendo in 2012

The 2011 holiday gaming season is underway, and there are plenty of 3DS games to look forward to over the next few weeks. Even as we head into 2012, games like Luigi's Mansion 2 and Kid Icarus are on the horizon. Things are looking up for the 3DS, but Nintendo should really kick it into gear and announce these five first-party titles for its 3D handheld.

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Squatch832567d ago

Give me an F-Zero and ill be happy.

cbakehorn2567d ago

Didn't think of that, but that would be another great pick!

cbakehorn2567d ago

I thought about Mario vs. Donkey Kong 3DS, MvDK was a great GBA franchise.

EcoSos32567d ago

Nah I mean like a real DK Country game not a MvDK they're good but I'm not into those.

Venox20082567d ago

Metroid, please..Metroid! :)

MasterCornholio2566d ago

A sequel to Mario is Missing would be great. And don't forget about super smash brothers.


cbakehorn2566d ago

I didn't forget Smash, but they've already announced it, so I didn't include it on the list. I never played Mario is Missing =\

Chrono2566d ago

Metroid is the only one I care about from that list.

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